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Alaska's Professional Seal for Engineers

Some states have extremely strict requirements when it comes to the dimensions of embossing seals or stamps for various professions. Alaska is an exception – there is no size specified for an Alaska PE embossing seal or stamp, although the typical size used is around two inches in diameter.

Alaska does not differ from other states, though, in that professional engineers must use a seal or stamp, and they must acquire it at their own expense. And of course, there are rules with which you must comply.

The Requirements

You must use your Alaska PE embossing seal or stamp each and every time that you sign or submit a document. The date must be included. The documents, plans or drawings can be signed and sealed either manually, or using electronic means. The date must be inserted either within the seal, or within two inches of it. You can use an electronic image of your signature, provided that you retain an original copy of the material, and that it can be accessed for reference later on. The documents must bear either an original hand signature or be embedded with software that will remove or modify the image of the signature in the event that the document is modified.

Your stamp or seal must state your discipline as follows:

  • CE before the number of Civil Engineering
  • ME before the number for Mechanical Engineering
  • EC before the number for Chemical Engineering
  • EE before the number for Electrical Engineering
  • EP before the number for Petroleum Engineering
  • SE before the number for Structural Engineering
  • EN before the number for Mining Engineering

Any time that you sign and seal a document, either manually or electronically, you must include the date and time within two inches of the seal.

Your Alaska PE embossing seal or stamp is affixed to any documents, plans, plats, or surveys that are completed by you, or completed under your direct supervision. If your license has been suspended or revoked for any reason, you may not seal documents until you are reinstated.

Safeguard Your Seal

Because your seal is your guarantee that any work you submit is up to acceptable standards, has been prepared or personally supervised by you, and meets the requirements set out by the Board of Engineering in the State of Alaska, it is important that you keep your Alaska PE embossing seal or stamp in a secure location. If it should be lost or stolen, you must immediately report its disappearance to the Board. If your seal ends up being used on documents that you did not prepare, for work that you did not do or supervise, you can be held liable for any damage that occurs up to the point that you reported the seal missing.

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