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Idaho Professional Engineer Embosser Stamp

All engineers practicing in Idaho are required to obtain and use an Idaho professional engineer embosser stamp or seal. It has to be 1-9/16" in diameter, and can be either a crimp style seal, a rubber stamp, or an electronically generated image. When the seal is applied, the signature and the date of the licensee must also be included, and this seal and signature must be placed on all original documents filed in the state of Idaho in a manner such that the seal, the date and the signature are all reproduced whenever the original document is copied.

Using the Seal

The Idaho professional embosser stamp or seal must be affixed to all plans, drawings, plats, reports, specifications, surveys, calculations and design information, whether you are presenting them to a government agency or to a client. If the document is not signed, sealed and dated, then it must be clearly marked as “not for construction,” “draft,” or other words that signify that the document is not final. The exception to this would be a preliminary engineering report that is actually intended to describe the work that will be done and the manner in which it will be undertaken. In this instance, you would sign, seal and date the document.

It is an offense under the law to affix your Idaho professional engineer embosser stamp or seal and your signature to any document after your license has expired, has been suspended, or has been revoked for any reason.

When you apply your seal to any document, you are essentially stating that the work described was done either by you, or under your direct supervision. Each drawing or plan must be signed, dated and sealed. If a copy is made for informational purposes (i.e. bidding or working copies), you should use your seal and add a notification that the original document is on file. Use the phrases “original signed by” and “date original signed” either across the seal or adjacent to it, and state the storage location of the original document.

On specifications, reports and similar documents, the seal and signature along with the date only need to appear on the title page.

Misuse of Your Idaho Professional Engineer Embosser Stamp

It is an offense under Idaho law to use your stamp or seal to file documents related to work that you have not done, or have not directly supervised. Keep in mind, though, that you can also be held responsible for the misuse of your seal, even if you’re not aware of that misuse. For that reason, it’s important that you keep your seal in a secure location. If someone were to use it to seal documents that without your knowledge, and something went wrong with a project, you could be held responsible and even subjected to discipline by the licensing board. If you should lose your seal, or you believe that it has been stolen, it is your responsibility to notify the Board immediately. You won’t be held responsible for anything that occurs as a result of the misuse of your Idaho professional engineer embosser stamp or seal following the date that your report it lost or stolen.


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