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Investing in a New York Engineer’s Embosser

As a professional engineer, it is imperative that all statewide standards to be met. It is for this reason that a professional must invest in an authentic New York engineer’s embosser. With this legal requirement, companies and individuals within those offices can announce their literal “seal of approval” on all documentation leaving the office. All official communication, company documents, memos, invitations, budgets, bids, and more can be uniquely accounted for by a seal of approval that signifies that the licensee for whom the New York engineer’s embosser was created is an authority on the matter and has given it personal attention.

Why Invest in a Seal?

Leaving a mark of approval is one of many ways to ensure your compliance with state regulations.

With a New York engineer’s embosser recipients of any documentation will know immediately whether a document is official or not, or whether the person with whom they are working is the ideal fit for their particular job. Not only does it allow for complete control and confirmation that each document sent is approved by your company, but the New York engineer’s embosser is an ideal contribution to any office setting.

How Is It Made?

A professional New York engineer’s embosser should be designed to coincide with your state requirements. Many New York engineer’s embosser sets are crafted from sturdy metal with corresponding handles enabling all users to leave a clear seal impression with ease. These New York engineer’s embosser options offer a permanent and opaque impression.

Licensed engineers or those working under the direct supervision of someone licensed by the state of New York can invest in embossing New York engineer’s embosser with a fixed orientation, ideal for the bottom of any page. Of course, if individuals have different preferences, high quality manufacturing can change the orientation so as to adjust the embosser to any of the four sides of a sheet of paper. 

What Will It Say?

These New York engineer’s embosser options can be found in a plethora or styles that allow different means of application and can be altered to account for varying distances from the edge of any document but the impression sizes are dictated by each state board. In the Big Apple, the seal or stamp must be 1-¾" in size and must be circular in shape with a diameter of 1-¾". Inside of the circle is where the great seal of the state is shown with the license number and name of the holder. The remaining text cannot be altered, but it does proudly declare the holder to be a licensed professional engineer and/or land surveyor for the state in question.

As a professional engineer operating in the State of New York, having a New York engineer’s embosser guarantees your compliance with statewide mandates and adds the perfect touch to any official document, offering your partners and clients a clear and crisp impression on any tangible communication that leaves your office.

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