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Reviewing the Wyoming Land Surveyor Stamp

There are a number of reasons Wyoming is virtually a surveyor’s paradise. Of course, it’s paradise for many people, but that just means there’s all the more demand for someone with surveying skills out there.

Although it may be your dream to work as a surveyor, you’ll soon find out that the work it takes to do so is no small thing. Among other things, you need to acquire a Wyoming land surveyor stamp to work legally. While getting one may pale in comparison to some of the other tasks you have to carry out, it’s worth taking an extra minute to review yours for the criteria below. Otherwise, you could be unknowingly using your erroneous Wyoming land surveyor stamp for years, creating problems the entire time.

The Dimensions of a Wyoming Land Surveyor Stamp

You can use your Wyoming land surveyor stamp as either a rubber stamp or embossing steal. Otherwise, while 1-3/4” in diameter is most commonly used, there’s actually no specific diameter enforced by the board.

How a Wyoming Land Surveyor Stamp Looks

Now, here’s where things get a bit more interesting. Your Wyoming land surveyor stamp could actually look a bit different from someone else’s even though they’re licensed to survey as well.

Let’s cover the similarities first. Wyoming’s stamp has a circle inside the perimeter. Between that circle and the perimeter, you’ll see that it says, “Professional Land Surveyor” across the top. Then, going across the bottom, you’ll notice it says, “Wyoming.”

This stamp is one of the few with a unique design. Inside the circle, you’ll recognize a cowboy riding his bronco which has become synonymous with not just the university, but the state.

Your name will go above the cowboy. It must appear just like it did on the application. Between your name and the cowboy is where your license number goes. At the bottom is where you should see the date of your licensing.

The one big change some stamps may have is if the owner is also a professional engineer. Then it should say, “Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor” across the top.

Check over your Wyoming land surveyor stamp by going through the above before using it and you’ll avoid any unnecessary problems.

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