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Do you need notary supplies in Alabama? To become a notary public in Alabama, you must purchase a surety bond and a notary seal or stamp. You will also need to show proof of commission from the state.

Once you have these items, you will be ready to provide notary services. Notary stamps and embossers can be purchased from many office supply stores or online retailers. However, for quality products, you cannot go wrong with us. As a company, we have a long tradition of serving the best products to our customers, so they can achieve what they desire most-satisfaction.

Alabama Notary Requirements:

To become a notary in Alabama, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • A resident of Alabama or employed in Alabama
  • Complete an approved notary education course
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Submit a Notary Public Application to the Alabama Secretary of State's office
  • Obtain a surety bond
  • Purchase a notary stamp or seal

Once you have completed all the above requirements, you will be able to officially begin notarizing documents in Alabama!

As a notary public in Alabama, it is your responsibility to keep your notary stamp impressions and seal up to date. Alabama law requires that you use a rubber stamp impression of your official seal. Your notary stamp must also include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. The words "Notary Public"
  3. The words "State of Alabama"
  4. Your commission expiration date

How To Use an Alabama Notary Stamp and Notary Seal Embosser?

As an Alabama notary, you are responsible for maintaining a professional appearance and ensuring that your documents are properly sealed. A professional Alabama notary stamp and seal will help you do just that! Here's how to use your Alabama notary stamp and seal:

  1. Choose the right type of notary stamp or seal: When selecting a notary stamp or seal, you'll need to choose the right type for your needs. In Alabama, notaries usually use two types of notary stamps: the traditional rubber stamp or the pre-inked stamp. If you plan on using your Alabama notary stamp or seal frequently, scroll through our product page to get the most out of it!
  2. Make sure your document is properly positioned: Before stamping or sealing your document, you'll need to make sure it is positioned correctly. For best results, we recommend stamping on a hard, flat surface.
  3. Apply your notary stamp or notary seal: Once your document is correctly positioned, you can now apply your Alabama notary stamp or seal. If you are using a rubber stamp, be sure to apply even pressure to ensure a clear impression.

Following these simple steps will help you properly use your Alabama notary stamp or seal, ensuring that your documents are properly sealed and that you maintain a professional appearance.

Alabama Notary Laws And Regulations:

Alabama notary publics are regulated by the new Alabama notary laws of the Alabama Secretary of State.

The Alabama Notary Public Act requires that an Alabama notary public purchase a notary public stamp and seal. The required wording on the Alabama notary public stamp is "Notary Public, State of Alabama," followed by the name of the notary public.



Tips On How To Order Your Alabama Notary Supplies

Here are some tips on how to order your notary public supplies:

  • When ordering your Alabama notary stamp, make sure that it includes the name of the state and the words “Notary Public.”
  • Your Alabama notary seal should be in the shape of a rectangle or a circle and should contain the following information: your name, the words “Notary Public,” the state of Alabama. While your commission expiration date is not necessary in this state.
  • Your Alabama notary embosser should also be in the shape of a rectangle or a circle and contain the same information as your seal.

Self Inking Stamp

The Official Self-Inking Alabama Notary Stamp is the perfect way to make a great impression on your important documents. It is our best-selling notary stamp and is perfect for repetitive stamping. This state-specific stamp is made from the highest quality materials and comes backed by a state board guarantee, making it an excellent choice for any notary public. Available in 11 different ink colors, this simple press-and-print stamping system is easy to use. With up to 5,000 impressions before needing to be reinked, this self-inking notary stamp is a great choice for any document. The round notary stamp is approximately 1-5/8” in diameter and comes with a 6-month performance warranty. Choose an ink color and order one today.

Pre Inked Alabama Notary Stamp

The Pre-Inked Round Notary Stamp for Alabama is a simple press and print stamp that is perfect for repetitive stamping. This state board-approved stamp comes in five ink colors and is reinkable when the stamp starts running low. The internal ink pad is also replaceable when the ink starts running low. This round notary stamp has a smooth action and is self-inking for your convenience. It also comes with a 6-month warranty on stamp performance.

Wooden Handle Notary Stamp

Looking for an affordable and easy-to-use notary public stamp? Look no further than the Round Alabama Notary Public Seal Stamp! This high-quality stamp comes backed by our state board guarantee, meaning it meets all the requirements set by the state. The regular wooden handle is comfortable to use and the round shape makes it easy to stamp documents quickly and efficiently. Plus, with a 6-month warranty on performance, you can be sure this notary stamp will serve you well for years to come.

Where To Purchase Your Official Notary Seal In Alabama?

Alabama notary stamps and seals can be purchased from office supply stores, printing companies, and online notary supply vendors.

When purchasing an Alabama notary stamp, be sure to select a vendor that offers high-quality stamps and seals that meet Alabama's requirements.

However, if you are an Alabama notary public in need of perfect supplies, the best place to purchase them is from a reputable online retailer such as We offer a wide selection of Alabama Notary Stamps and Seals to choose from, as well as a variety of other notary supplies.

At ESS, we pride ourselves on offering something special for engineers and architects who need seals and stamps.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, and we will work with you to make sure that happens. Thank you for considering ESS for your seal and stamp needs.

So if you are looking for the best Alabama Notary Supplies, be sure to order from today!

Alabama notaries are required by law to use an embossed seal or an official stamp. Your Alabama Notary Supplies can be easily purchased through our website. Be sure to follow the Alabama notary laws when purchasing your supplies.

If you have any questions about Alabama Notary Supplies, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We would be happy to assist you.

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