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With any professional stamp or seal purchase receive FREE electronic seals.

Custom Made Professional seals will meet state board specifications. Guaranteed.

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Why Shop Here

We know you have options about where to buy stamps and seals for your engineering and architect needs. However, not all of these products are made the same. At ESS, we strive to offer the top products that meet your needs. Each of our seals and stamps is designed for engineers and architects with high-quality construction and materials that you can count on.

State Board Guarantee

The state board sets the specifications required for seals and stamps used by engineers and architects. Because this is different for every state, it's essential to be sure the seals you order match your state requirements. At ESS, we do the research needed to ensure the stamps and seals you purchase are appropriate for the state where you reside and work. This ensures the product is the right size, provides the required information, and is immediately accepted by the State Board in your location.

Each of the professional seals and stamps offered by ESS comes with a State Board guarantee. One of the many things we do to provide quality products is staying in touch with all State Board Offices to ensure each seal and stamp is made to the correct specifications for your needs. This diligence ensures that any changes made to the requirements are immediately reflected in the products we send out for use with your business. If you choose to modify or change a professional seal to information different from what the Board requires, this guarantee is no longer provided.

In the event your stamp or seal purchased in the last 90 days does not meet the required state specifications, we'll take care of the issue. We guarantee that if the stamp or seal isn't up to your Board's current standards, we will immediately remake the product and send it out to you quickly. When you order from ESS, you can have complete confidence that the seal or stamp will be accepted by the state board of regulation, no matter where you work as an engineer, architect, or other professional.