Why Shop Here

We know you have options about where to buy stamps and seals for your engineering and architect needs. However, not all of these products are made the same. At ESS, we strive to offer the top products that meet your needs. Each of our seals and stamps is designed for engineers and architects with high-quality construction and materials that you can count on.

When you order stamps from ESS, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have an extensive warranty on each of the products. Each of the stamps is guaranteed for at least six months under normal wear and tear. This warranty guarantees our custom stamps against defects in materials and artistry under normal usage. As long as the stamp is appropriately cared for, this guarantee lasts for six months.

ESS is not liable for damage or defects caused by the misuse of stamps, whether intentional or not. Suppose the flaws are related to the manufacturing process. In that case, we will replace or repair the item with a stamp of the same type and impression without charge within two business days of the receipt of the defective product.

We define normal usage are the daily personal and business use of the stamp as it was designed for. Industrial and commercial stamping does not constitute normal usage. The stamp also must not have been used with other machinery or modified in any way after purchase. It is considered misuse to use ink that is not meant to be used with type of stamp in question and will not be covered with our guarantee.