Round Alabama PE Stamp image showing the sample details of a professional engineer in Alabama which this stamp can show.

Every Alabama professional engineer is required by law to obtain, at their own expense, an Alabama engineering embossed seal or stamp. This PE stamp or seal is affixed to all relevant documents and must conform to all of the rules and regulations set out by the Alabama state board.

State of Alabama PE Stamp Requirements

For an Alabama engineer, either an embosser or professional engineer stamp can be used. An Alabama professional engineer stamp has to be circular, and no larger than two inches in diameter, but not smaller than 1-5/8 inches. The name on your PE engineer stamp must match the name on your Alabama engineer license. Some states require letters after your registration number, but this is not required as long as the engineer stamp states “Professional Engineer.” You can use numbers if you like, but it’s optional.

There are many different types of Alabama professional engineer stamps available to you; the first decision you'll make is whether or not to order a regular rubber, pre-inked, or a self-inking stamp. Our layouts have been vetted by the Alabama board and typically ship the same or the next business day.

Alabama Professional Engineer Stamp - The Law

You can not only use the State of Alabama PE stamp, you can also use a computer-generated seal provided that it is in every respect identical to your seal or rubber stamp. These often have a white or transparent background, depending on the file type. Our digital PE stamps are images provided via email messages. Any documents, drawings or reports must be signed using the seal or stamp. You can also use a digital signature provided that it is authenticated. The signature, date, and seal on a document must prove that it was prepared either by the licensee, by someone under his or her direct supervision, or that the licensee has examined the paper to the point where he or she can fully assume responsibility for those documents.

When To Use

Two or more licensees can seal the same document, as long as a notation is provided stating which specific sections each licensee is responsible for. Any attached documents or drawings must also be signed and sealed. A licensee can only sign off on work that is within his or her specific area of expertise.

If two or more sheets are bound together in a single volume, then the engineer who prepared the volume, or under whose charge the document was created can sign and seal just the index or title sheet, provided that it clearly identifies any other professional engineers who worked on the project. Any drawings, reports, plans or other documents will be deemed to have been prepared under the direction of the licensee only if the licensee’s client requested that it be so completed, the licensee has actually supervised the preparation of the reports, plans, drawings or other documents and has had input into their preparation, and the licensee has reviewed and approved the final documents, making any necessary alterations.

Making Changes

Any revisions must be described, signed and dated by the licensee using their Alabama engineer embossing seal or stamp. The original seal and signature must not be removed. Additionally, the seal, signature and signing date must be placed on all final documents that are presented either to the client or to any appropriate government agency in order to certify that the work was either done by the engineer licensed by the state of Alabama or by someone under his or her responsible charge. Any “work product” or preliminary documents must be clearly labeled in bold lettering, “Preliminary, and not for construction, recording or implementation.” Any deviation from any of these procedures by an Alabama engineer must be approved via contact with the Board.

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