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Arkansas PE Seal Requirements for Engineers

Many states have extremely restrictive requirements when it comes to the design of a professional engineer stamp or seal. Arkansas is an exception, in that the seal or stamp used by one engineer could look very different from those used by another. This is because there is a greater degree of flexibility in how the seal or stamp must appear. Many states, for instance, have one specific diameter for the seal or stamp, but in Arkansas, as long as it’s between an inch and a quarter and two inches, it’s up to you. Most engineers use a diameter of 1 5/8 inches. It’s also up to you whether or not you use a border around your seal.

There are, of course, aspects to the use of a PE stamp or seal that are the same in Arkansas as in most other states. All engineers in Arkansas are required to have an Arkansas PE seal or stamp, and it is acquired at the engineer’s own expense. It also has to conform to the rules and requirements as set forth by the Board.

Using the Seal

As in every other state, you have to file all your calculations, plans, specifications, reports, or other engineering documents with the state, and they have to be dated, signed and stamped or sealed.

You can be subject to discipline if you use your seal, or if you practice engineering while your license is inactive, suspended, revoked or not renewed. You can also be disciplined if you affix your signature or seal to any instrument of practice that hasn’t been thoroughly checked by a professional engineer who is not in control of the project.

Safeguarding the Seal

It is very important that you keep your Arkansas PE seal or stamp in a safe location. Although the State of Arkansas is fairly relaxed, when it comes to misuse of the seal, there is no room for error. As we have stated, you may not affix your stamp or seal to work that you have not actually done or directly supervised. You can also be disciplined if anyone else takes your stamp and uses it on work that hasn’t been conducted by you.

For that reason, if you should ever lose your seal, or if you suspect that it has been stolen, it is very important that you report the loss or theft to the Board immediately. If you procrastinate, you could end up being held legally liable for any defects in work that was done under your stamp or seal from the time that you noticed it was missing until the time when you reported it gone.

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