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Examining Your Tennessee Land Surveyor Stamp

  • 2 min read
Tennessee Land Surveyor Stamp

Starting your own business is never easy. When starting a surveying company or setting out as an independent contractor, there are going to be even more hurdles to jump over than the average business plan involves. The amount of regulation involved is what’s going to slow down your progress the most. Part of this means securing the Tennessee land surveyor stamp your business absolutely must have.

For those who actually know about surveying, applying for and receiving the stamp actually isn’t too difficult. Once you get it, though, you have to take it upon yourself to examine the Tennessee land surveyor stamp and confirm it’s in compliance. Otherwise, it could be years before you learn that all your stamping is now invalid.

The Dimensions of the Tennessee Land Surveyor Stamp

First, let’s begin with the actual dimensions for the Tennessee land surveyor stamp. This is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the wrong dimensions will be incredibly obvious for someone who has seen the right ones before.

Typically, the circular Tennessee land surveyor stamp is going to be 2.0" in diameter.

The Appearance of the Tennessee Land Surveyor Stamp

Now, let’s look at how the Tennessee land surveyor stamp is actually supposed to look. Obviously, as we mentioned, this stamp is a circle. It features a perforated edge all around its perimeter. Then, on the inside, is another circle outlined with dots.

Between these two circles, your name should appear across the top. The name must be spelled out exactly as you had it on your application for the seal. Going along the bottom, the stamp must read, “Tennessee” followed by your license number. Said license number will begin with the prefix, “NO” and a space.

Some stamps will have the word “Registered” on them. Others won’t. Neither is mandatory for compliance in Tennessee.

One thing to keep in mind when using your Tennessee land surveyor stamp is that there is the embossing seal and rubber stamp to choose from. Both are allowed, though the seal must have “Registered” on it. The stamp, as we mentioned, doesn’t.

The stamp surveyors have to use in Tennessee is pretty simple, but you should still make sure yours is correct before beginning with it.

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