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Florida Geologist Seal and Stamps: Requirements and Products

  • 4 min read
Florida Geologist Stamp and Seal

As a Florida professional geologist, you are required to have a seal or stamp. The purpose of the seal and stamp is to assure that the professional geologists who use them have met the qualifications established by Florida law. We will discuss the requirements for obtaining a Florida geologist stamp and seal, as well as the products available to you.

Requirements To Become A Florida Professional Geologist

To be eligible for a Florida Geologist Seal and Stamp, the licensee must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a resident of the state of Florida
  • Have a bachelor's degree or higher in geology from an accredited college or university
  • Have two years of applicable experience in the practice of geology

If you meet these requirements, you must then apply to the Florida Board of Professional Geologists. The application must include:

  • A completed application form
  • Official transcripts from your college or university
  • A letter from your employer(s) verifying your experience in the practice of geology
  • The application fee

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be issued a license in order to purchase a Florida geologist stamp. You will want to make sure your seal meets the requirements of Florida law. If you have any questions about the requirements or the application process, please contact the Florida Board of Professional Geologists.

Florida Professional Geologist Seal Types

Self Inking Stamp

The Self-Inking Geologist Stamp is a great tool for anyone in the field of geology. It is rapid stamping and can be re-inked or pads changed when the ink starts running low. With a good impression rate of about 5,000 imprints, this stamp is sure to make your work easier. Whether you are a professional geologist or work in the Florida Geologist office, this stamp is a good investment.

Wood Handle Rubber stamp

The Wood Handle Rubber Stamp is an excellent choice for those who need to use specialty inks, such as quick-drying ink on mylar and non-porous other documents. This stamp provides the most economical form of rubber stamping, making it a great choice for businesses or individuals who need to save money. The Wood Handle Rubber Florida Geologist Stamp is also perfect for those who need a durable stamp that will last for years. This stamp is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Seal Embosser

The Florida Geologist Embosser is a handy tool for anyone who needs to leave a raised imprint on paper. Whether you're creating a document for business or personal use, this embossing seal will make sure your work stands out. Available in a wide variety of frame sizes, the Florida Geologist Embosser is easy to customize to your needs. Simply choose the right size and style for your project, and you'll be able to seal professional-looking documents with ease.


The Florida Board of Professional Geologists regulates the practice of geology in Florida to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Florida's residents and visitors. The board issues seals to licensed geologists in Florida. These authorized seals are backed by the state board and meet all state specifications. The seals are perfect for electronic sealing and are sent via email messages in six file formats, including DXF, DWG, PDF, JPG, TIF, and PNG (transparent background). The default color is black, but additional colors are available in red, blue, or green. The seals are emailed within one business day and have a resolution of 300 dpi, which is perfect for printing. Need to sign right away? These allow you to access your seal soon after your purchase so you can start sealing right away. No waiting on traditional mail for these to arrive.

Requirements for the Florida Geologist Stamp or Seal

According to the Florida Statutes and Florida Law professional geologists in the state of Florida are required to have a seal to practice. The requirements for the seal are that it is made of metal or stamped ink, no less than 1-5/8 inches in diameter, has the prefix "No. PG" before the license number, and may optionally include the expiration date. The seal must be affixed to all documents that the geologist signs in their professional capacity. Geologists are responsible for ensuring that their seals meet these requirements and for maintaining them in good condition. Any changes to the seal (such as a change of address) must be promptly reported to the Board. Geologists who do not comply with these requirements may be subject to disciplinary action.

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