Florida Land Surveyor Seal

Land surveyors in Florida must use a seal that meets the requirements set forth by the board. Whether you are newly licensed, or your license has expired, making sure you understand the rules and regulations for Florida land surveyor seals is important.

Florida Seal Requirements

Florida land surveyor seals must meet specific guidelines concerning its size and appearance. While there is not a specific maximum size for the seal, it can’t be any smaller than 1 5/8” in diameter. There are several versions that are acceptable for Florida land surveyor seals. However, the most up to date option includes the following guidelines.

  • Two concentric circles with the outermost being 1 5/8” in diameter and the other fitting inside it
  • The licensee’s name appears in the space between the circles along the top arc
  • “Professional Surveyor and Mapper” appears in the bottom arc in the space between the circles
  • The words “License Number” appear at the top arc of the inside circle, with the license number in a straight line right below it
  • “State of” appears in a straight line below the license number
  • “Florida” is located along the bottom arc of the inner circle

Florida land surveyor seals are also available in dual options that designate both engineering and surveying, as well as other setups that may be used depending on the licensee’s date of registration and designation of being in good standing.

Using Your Seal

Florida land surveyor seals, along with a signature and date, are required on all plats, specifications, drawings, reports and other documents. The surveyor who attaches his or her seal must have prepared the documents or supervised their preparation. Use of the seal denotes that the information that it contains meets all code and regulation requirements, and that the data has been verified. If a licensee uses a Florida land surveyor seal, he or she is accepting responsibility for all information, which makes it very important that the seal only be affixed once everything is reviewed.

It is very important that surveyors do not use seals after licensing has expired or been revoked or suspended to avoid fines and other punishments. Additionally, a Florida land surveyor seal should never be used on documents that contain work that is outside of the scope of the licensee’s specialty or profession.

As you can see, there are numerous requirements for using a Florida land surveyor seal, and it is your responsibility to make sure that you follow all of them to ensure you maintain your compliance and keep your licensing in good standing. It is always a good idea to visit the Professional Surveyors and Mappers webpage to find additional information about the Florida land surveyor seal and other important updates to the rules and regulations.

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