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Guam Professional Engineer Stamps and Seals

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Guam Professional Engineer Stamp

All engineers conducting business in Guam are required to use Guam PE stamps or seals that conform to the standards set out by the licensing board. The official seal of the Board must consist of the Guam territory seal, surrounded by the phrase “Territorial Board of Registration for Professional Engineers, Architects, and Land Surveyors".

Guam Engineering Stamp Specifications

When you become registered as a professional engineer in Guam, you will be required to obtain a seal as described above. In addition to the above information, Guam PE stamps and seals must also include your registration number and your discipline. As an example, your seal would read “Professional Engineer” followed by the word “Civil,” “Mechanical,” “Electrical” or “Structural” in brackets per the Guam board.

Using the Stamps and Seals for Guam Professional Engineers

In Guam, you can use a rubber stamp in addition to, or instead of, your seal. The seal has to leave a permanent mark on any document that you’re sealing, including blueprints, drawings, original tracings, reports, specifications, and any other documents that you might prepare in your capacity as a professional engineer. In addition, your signature must appear next to the seal, along with the phrase "This work was prepared by me or under my direct supervision".

Any time that you are filing a document with a government agency, or presenting it to a client, your Guam PE stamps or seals must be present. This certifies that all reports, plans, design information, calculations, and drawings were either done by you or done under your direct supervision.

The signature and seal must be present on not only original copies, but also on tracings or other documents that can be reproduced so that when they are reproduced, your signature and seal will also appear.

If the project is residential, the seal will be placed wherever the documents contain more than a single sheet. The title page must be signed and sealed by anyone who was involved in the work, and by anyone who directly supervised and was responsible for the work. Each sheet must also be signed by the person responsible for it. If a firm has performed the work, then each sheet must be signed by the registrant who did the work, and the title page must be signed by the person who was in charge of the work.

If the work was done outside of the registrant’s permanent location, the seal can only be used if that registrant actually supervised the work full-time and directly.

Guam Rubber Stamp

Looking to get your Georgia Professional Engineer Seal Stamp? Look no further! This State Board Approved stamp comes with a free electronic seal and 6 file types included (DXF, DWG, TIF, JPG, PDF, and PNG). It's guaranteed to meet your State Board specifications and is the most economical form of a stamp. Plus, it uses a separate stamp pad which is great for using quick drying ink on mylar. So don't wait any longer, get your Georgia Professional Engineer Seal Stamp today!

Self Inking Stamps

Looking for a reliable, state-board-approved Guam PE Stamp? Look no further than our Self-Inking Guam PE Stamp! Comes with a free electronic seal included and 6 file types (DXF, DWG, TIF, JPG, PDF, and PNG), this stamp is guaranteed to meet your state board specifications. Available in 11 ink colors, the simple press and print stamping makes it excellent for repetitive stamping (up to 5,000 impressions before re-inking). Plus, the inked pads are replaceable when the ink starts running low - so you can always rely on this stamp to get the job done. Choose your ink color and order one for you or your engineers today.

Pre Inked Stamps

The Guam Engineering Maxlight Pre-Inked Stamp is perfect for any engineer looking for an easy-to-use, reliable stamp for your forms. This stamp comes with a free electronic seal and 6 different electronic files, so you can be sure it will meet your State Board specifications. It also comes in 5 ink colors, so you can choose the perfect color for your needs. And because it works in a press and print manner, it's quiet and clean stamping. So if you're looking for a premium pre-inked stamp that is guaranteed to meet your needs, the Guam Engineering Stamp is a perfect choice.

Digital Seals

The Guam Digital PE Stamp is a set of electronic files and is the perfect way to electronically seal your documents. This state board-approved product comes with 6 file types (DXF, DWG, TIF, JPG, PDF, and PNG(transparent background), guaranteed to meet your specifications. The default color is black but additional copies are available in red, blue, or green. The digital stamp can be sent via email within 1 business day and has a 300 dpi resolution, perfect for printing.

Temporary Permits

If a registrant of another state is working under a temporary permit in Guam, then the Guam PE stamp and seal will not be used. Instead, the registrant will use the seal of his or her state and include a copy of the temporary work permit authorizing him or her to work in Guam.

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