Connecticut Engineer Embossing Seal

Once an engineer obtains their license in the state of Connecticut, they are required by the board to purchase a Connecticut engineer embossing seal. The seal may be a rubber stamp or an embossing seal, depending on which the licensee chooses. The diameter of seal must be 1-½" in size. If the licensee is a surveyor and an engineer, they much obtain two separate seals. One seal needs to be the Connecticut engineer embossing seal while the other needs to be a land surveyor seal.

The Connecticut engineer embossing seal needs to be affixed to the following types of documents:

  • Plans
  • Maps
  • Surveys
  • Sketches
  • Drawings

In the case where a document has more than one page, a single seal on one sheet of paper is sufficient, unless the engineer is filing plans. In the case of filing for building permits or plans, the engineer needs to use the Connecticut engineer embossing seal on each sheet of the document.

Those who hold a Connecticut engineer embossing seal are responsible for sealing documents properly, as well as keeping track of their seal. If the seal or stamp has been lost, it needs to be reported to the board of examiners, as well as the department of consumer protection. The report should be filed immediately and no later after 15 days. If the lost seal or stamp is not reported within this time frame, the board may take disciplinary action against the licensee. Once the loss report is filed, the licensee may petition for a new license. Any abuse of the lost stamp or seal is considered the licensee’s responsibility until the loss has been reported.

An engineer who uses the Connecticut engineer embossing seal on any document or report takes full responsibility for the contents of that document. The licensee should only affix the seal to reports and documents they have prepared personally, or employees under their supervision have prepared.

If the seal is applied to a document not prepared by the licensee or an employee under their supervision, a written evaluation needs to be completed. The evaluation needs to contain the project, sources of documents, and the people or organization the evaluation was completed for. The seal, along with the signature of the licensee, should be applied to the evaluation to make it complete.

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