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Registered landscape architects in Indiana need to have an embossed seal or a rubber stamp to create professional impressions on documents. Either of these tools can be used to verify specifications, plans, drawings, and other documents you might come across during a project.

In every state, including Indiana, the state board creates guidelines about the stamp or seal appearance. In addition, there will be specific information that needs to be included when making impressions.

We’ll be sharing all the important things you need to know about Indiana landscape architect seal regulations. In addition, we’ll showcase a selection of products that meet all guidelines for easy ordering.

Rules About Indiana Landscape Architect Seal Requirements

There are four specific parts of the regulations on seals that a landscape architect should be aware of. These include the following:

  • The use of rubber stamps, embossing seals, or both are allowed.
  • All seals must have the word “Registered” on them.
  • In addition, the prefix “No.” should appear before the license number.
  • Each stamp or seal for professional use should be between 1 5/8 and 1 7/8 inches in diameter.

Indiana allows the use of embossing seals or rubber stamps, but they must be between 1 5/8 and 1 7/8 inches in diameter. The most common choice is a 1 5/8 inch diameter seal or stamp. Stamps should read “Registered’ and include the prefix “No.” before the license number.

All Indiana landscape architects must have a seal authorized by the board. It should contain the architect’s name and the words “State of Indiana” and “Registered Architect.” This stamp or seal must be used to mark all working specifications, drawings, and reports prepared by the architect or creating under their supervision.

Getting in Touch With the State Board

The main licensing board for landscape architects in Indiana is the State Board of Registration for Architects and Landscape Architects. There are several ways to get in contact with a member of the board. If you wish to reach them by mail, the following address should be used:

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

ATTN: State Board of Registration for Architects and Landscape Architects

402 W. Washington Street, Room W072

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Communication can also be started through email at Pla1@Pla.IN.Gov.



Selecting the Best Indiana Landscape Architect Seals and Stamps

We offer many seals, stamps, and other products designed for use by landscape architects in Indiana. Each of these can be used to verify documents and qualifies for professional use. Our stamps and seals range from simple wooden stamps to high-tech embossers with two-year warranties.

When choosing stamps or seals for Indiana landscape architectural use, each product meets all approval guidelines and regulations. They come with a set of free electronic seals that can be used on digital paperwork.

Soft Seal Embosser

When ordering the Soft Seal Embosser, you’re investing in a product that lasts. It offers a lifetime warranty. This embosser comes with a deluxe leatherette pouch to keep it protected and in great shape. You’ll also find a sliding lock on the tool for easier transport. It comes with a rubber material on the handle for comfort.

This embosser is easy to store and transport and is made to meet all Indiana seal requirements.

Slim Pre-Inked Stamp

Our Slim landscape architect stamp has a round design and comes in a small size so it can fit into purses, pockets, and briefcases. The stamp comes in five colors and makes around 10,000 impressions before you need to add extra ink. In addition, it’s made with a LEM flash process using 50% post-consumer recycled content to create an eco-friendly solution. This stamp comes with a built-in ink pad so there’s no need to buy one separately.

Self-Inking Stamp

Looking at stamps, the Self-Inking Stamp is a popular choice for landscape architects in Indiana. It’s easy to use, even for someone who has never worked with stamps. The press and stamp design quickly add all your professional information to a sheet of paper. It has enough ink for about 5,000 impressions on documents.

The stamp comes in 11 ink colors so you can choose your favorite hue. You can add an extra bottle of ink, too. Choose your ink color and add one to your cart today.

Regular Hand Rubber Stamp

If you need a simple landscape architect stamp for your Indiana landscape architect needs, consider the Regular Hand Rubber Stamp. It works with the help of a cloth or felt rubber stamp ink pad in whatever color you like. This landscape architect stamp is made with a solid wood handle and a rubber stamp area. It’s created entirely in the United States for quality.

This is an inexpensive stamp with a traditional design for use in an architectural office.

MaxLight Pre-Inked Indiana Landscape Architect Stamp

Our Indiana landscape architect stamp makes excellent impressions, but the MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamp goes beyond expectations. It has a professional look and operates quietly and smoothly, even during long periods of use. Pre-inked stamps come with enough ink for over 15,000 impressions and are available in a selection of colors. This landscape architect stamp can go much longer than that with a simple reinking. This is a quality product that Indiana landscape architects can use in and out of the office.

Long Reach Seal Embosser

Quality is a promise with the Long Reach Seal Embosser. It offers a two-year warranty on the embossing seal. This embosser has a reach of 2 ½ inches into a sheet of paper for convenient use. It’s created of top materials and is comfortable to use when working with lots of paperwork as an Indiana landscape architect.

This embosser has a sliding lock mechanism that makes it easy to handle and store.

Handheld Seal Embosser

Many embossers are designed to sit on a desk, but that isn’t true for the Handheld Seal Embosser. It’s ready to head out into the world anytime you need to leave the office. This embosser is made with a heavy-duty frame and quality small parts to create clean impressions on paper. It offers a 1 ½ inch reach onto a sheet of paper and has an elegant design.

In addition, this embosser comes with a protective deluxe leatherette pouch. We also carry a line of foil stickers that work well with these embossers.

Extended Long Reach Seal Embosser

Paperwork can be dull and making sure your impressions are in the right spot can take too much time. The Extended Long Reach Seal Embosser can help with that problem. It has a 4 ½ inch reach so you can be sure your mark is in the exact spot you want. The tool also comes with a free paper guide to make document marking even easier than usual.

This embosser has a two-year warranty on the embossing seal as a sign of quality.

Desk Seal Embosser

If most of your day as an Indiana landscape architect has you sitting at a desk, the Desk Seal Embosser could be the right choice for you. It’s made with top materials for sturdy construction and has a heavy base to keep it steady on your desk. This embosser can reach 1 ½ inches into a sheet of paper and comes with a slide lock for easier storage and transport.

This seal embosser comes with a two-year warranty and electronic seals.

Any Rubber Stamp or Embossing Seal

Any of the above seals or stamps will meet Indiana landscape architect seal and stamp requirements. We also make other products that work well for an architect. Make sure to browse your options to be sure you’re getting the precise tool you want. All our products ship out quickly and are made to last.

About ESS

At ESS, we know that you are under a deadline and need your Indiana landscape architect stamp in hand soon so that is why all of our orders are shipped the same day or the next business day. We also work hard to make sure that our seals are up to date with current regulations. There is no min quantity to order so you can easily submit your order. Check out our web page to look at more designs and view description details.

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