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Information on Pennsylvania Architecture Stamps

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Pennsylvania Architecture Stamps

In order to practice as an architect in the state of Pennsylvania, an individual must have a currently valid certificate. The title of architect is earned through education, experience, and the acquisition of a level of knowledge and skills. Once all of the requirements have been met and the person becomes licensed to practice, they must implement the use of Pennsylvania architecture stamps to place an official seal on various documents.

According to the laws in the state of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania architecture stamps must meet the rules and regulations of the board and they will be used on specifications, drawings, and other documents prepared by the architect or on documents prepared by another individual whom the architect has overseen.

Specifications of Pennsylvania Architecture Stamps

Each architect who is licensed in Pennsylvania will receive a unique seal that is only to be used during the time that their license is valid and for projects for which he is responsible. The state allows the use of either embossing seals or rubber stamps, typically in a size of 1-5/8” in diameter.

The seal will contain the license number with the prefix “RA” before it and no space in-between. Pennsylvania allows for the use of a single seal that contains the names of numerous architects in a single firm to be used in lieu of individual seals or stamps. However, all names and license numbers are shown and each individual is licensed in the same Commonwealth.

The Sanctity of Pennsylvania Architecture Stamps

The design and use of Pennsylvania architecture stamps is a very serious matter for the practicing professional. Failure to use the seal according to the rules and regulations will result in penalties, including the potential for having licensure revoked. Designs or drawings which are marked with the seal but which have not been prepared by a qualified professional may present safety hazards to the public and/or perpetrate fraud.

Pennsylvania Architecture Stamps Approved for Use by the Board

It is essential that the stamp you choose meets the state requirements for architects in Pennsylvania on every level. You can accomplish this while still choosing a stamp or seal that you are comfortable with. While the state allows you to choose an embossing seal or rubber stamp, there are multiple designs that fall under these general headings. You just need to choose one that is guaranteed to meet specifications for your designated state.

Many people prefer the professional appearance of an embosser. A number of styles of Pennsylvania architecture stamps and seals can leave a clear, distinct impression with little effort. A soft seal embosser makes it easier for people with smaller hands or less hand strength to make a strong seal on documents while a long reach seal embosser makes it possible to access documents farther in from the edge of the paper.

The use of rubber Pennsylvania architecture stamps is not limited to hand styles with ink pads. There are self-inking and pre-inked styles that will deliver many clear images before needing to have the ink refilled. Making the right choice will depend on the type of image you want to produce and how the stamp will be used most frequently. Keep in mind that this is a piece of equipment that you will rely on daily as you create designs and make specifications or reports that must bear your seal.