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Iowa Land Surveyor Stamp Guidelines

  • 2 min read
Iowa Land Surveyor Stamp

As a professional land surveyor in Iowa, you are required to obtain and use a seal that follows specific guidelines. Here you will find out what you need to know about your Iowa land surveyor stamp to ensure it meets the rules and regulations.

Iowa Seal Requirements

Like every other state, Iowa requires its seals to meet certain criteria. However, size is not one of them. You will need to ensure that your Iowa land surveyor stamp meets specific design requirements, however. Each seal is made up of two circles of differing sizes. The largest circle makes up the outer edge of the seal, while the smaller circle contains additional information. Between the larger and smaller circles, the words “Licensed Land Surveyor” must be placed at the top, and the word “Iowa” centered at the bottom. The licensee’s first name, last name and license number must be included in three straight lines inside the inner circle.

Proper Use

You will also need to make sure you understand the proper use of your Iowa land surveyor stamp, which can be used in the form of an embosser, rubber stamp or digital image. Each time you use your seal, you must include a certification block that includes the Iowa land surveyor stamp, your signature, license number, renewal date and clearly defines the portion of the document that you prepared. Right above your signature and to the right of the seal, the certification block must include:

“I hereby certify that this land surveying document was prepared and the related survey work was performed by me or under my direct personal supervision and that I am a duly licensed Land Surveyor under the laws of the State of Iowa”.

If multiple professionals contributed to the final document, those additional Iowa land surveyor stamps must appear in the pages along with an explanation of their part of the work. If any report or document requires a seal, but is not final, it must include labeling as a draft or preliminary that is clear and noticeable.

Proper Use Is Important

It is also important that you know exactly what your Iowa land surveyor stamp means when you include it on a document. Your seal is your certification that the information that is contained in the document is accurate and meets all codes and regulations. If you submit paperwork that includes incorrect information, and your Iowa land surveyor stamp is on it, you become liable for any issues that arise due to the incorrect information. This, and the fact that it is unlawful to do so, is why it is vitally important that you verify every piece of information, and never affix your seal to documents you were not a part of creating. If you would like to know more, the Chapter 542B Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors standards contain a wealth of information.

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