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Make Sure Your Indiana Land Surveyor Seal Meets All Requirements

  • 2 min read
Indiana Land Surveyor Seal

In Indiana, land surveyor seals have specific guidelines that ensure proper usage and appearance. Due to the potential fines and punishments that can be applied, it is vitally important that you make sure your seal and its usage follows all regulations. Below you will find out what your Indiana land surveyor seal should look like and how it should be used.

Seal Requirements

While there are no exact size guidelines, your Indiana land surveyor seal can’t be smaller than 1-5/8” or larger than 1-7/8” in diameter. The seal requires two concentric circles, with the outer one featuring a milled edge. The space between the larger outer circle and the smaller inner one must contain your name as it appears on your license along the top arc, with the words “Land Surveyor” along the bottom arc.

Inside the smaller inner circle, the word “Registered” appears along the top edge with “Indiana” along the bottom one. Between these two words, the prefix “No.” is on one line, with the license number appearing on the line just below it. Right under the license number and in a straight line, the words “State of” should also be included.

Those using an Indiana land surveyor seal are permitted to use an embosser, a rubber stamp or an electronically applied seal.

Seal Usage

There are also specific usage requirements for an Indiana land surveyor seal. It must be used on all reports, specifications, drawings, plats and other related documents. Use of the seal is only permitted during the period in which the license is considered valid and current.

Each Indiana land surveyor seal is only permitted for use on documents that you create, or those of which you oversee the creation. In cases where you are overseeing the preparation of the documents, the person must be a direct subordinate that is regularly under your employ.

When using your Indiana land surveyor seal, your signature, and the date it was applied must be adjacent to the seal, without covering any portion of it. It is not necessary for the seal to be applied directly beside specific sections of the documents, providing it is certified properly.

It is considered unlawful for you to use your Indiana land surveyor seal on any documents that you did not prepare or oversee in an effort to hide the actual author of the information.

When you use your Indiana land surveyor seal, you need to keep in mind that it signifies that all information provided in the document has been verified and was found to be correct and in compliance with applicable codes. Due to this, it is important that you take the time to verify every document before affixing your seal to ensure you are not liable for any mistakes that may be included in it.