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Meeting Standards of Use and Design for Florida Architecture Seals

Each registered architect in the state of Florida must use Florida architecture seals to stamp plans and other documents the architect has either created or directly supervised. The Florida Legislature states in its 2015 Florida Statutes under Regulations of Professions and Occupations: Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture, by using the seal, the architect is agreeing that the documents are of a high standard indicating all essential parts.

Standards of Use for Florida Architecture Seals

Per state regulations, Florida architecture seals must be used to seal the following:

  • Drawings, including blueprints
  • Plans, including final
  • Specifications
  • Reports

By stamping the documents with Florida architecture seals, the board is able to identify the architect responsible for the work. It is a violation to alter any documents bearing the Florida architecture seals by anyone other than another registered architect. In the case of alteration, the architect making the changes must use his or her seal to stamp the document, sign and date, and note in detail all integrations made. The board can then approve and track all changes regarding a structure.

No registered architect may ever use their seal on a document or set of plans they did not personally create or directly supervise. By using the seal, the architect is acknowledging responsible control over the project plans, including meeting state regulations and using standard of care.

If a registered architect’s license expires or is suspended or revoked, the architect must cease use of it. According to Florida state law, the architect must surrender his or her seal to the board within 30 days and submit written confirmation of licensure suspension and electronic signature cancellation to the executive director. After the suspension ends, the architect will be reissued his or her seal.

Exceptions for Florida Architecture Seals

Florida architecture seals are not required for the plans for one-family or two-family residences regardless of cost. However, according to “A Building Official’s Guide to the Professional Practice of Architects and Engineers in Florida”, each building code official should check local ordinances. Due to wind load in the state of Florida, using a registered architect is advisable to certify calculations.

Design for Florida Architecture Seals

According to Florida state regulations, each Florida architecture seal must be circular in shape with a 2” diameter. The outer ring is made in the design of a corded rope to border the seal. The top of the middle ring will read “State of Florida” with the bottom of the ring stating “Registered Architect”. The licensee’s name and licensure number will fill the inner circle of the seal with no additional letters or numbers.

Purchase Information for Florida Architecture Seals

Florida architecture seals come in different forms, however according to authorities, the 2” embossed seal is required. The seals are also available as a rubber stamp and a pre-inked stamp. Depending on vendor, the prices will vary for seals. Choose a vendor with the up-to-date design and offering a guarantee on the seals meeting state requirements.

Engineer Seal Stamps.com carries Florida architecture seals and offers the guarantee of their seals meeting Florida state requirements.

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