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Minnesota Landscape Architect Seal Products

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Anyone who works as a licensed landscape architect in Minnesota is required to have a tool to verify documents they have created or supervised the creation of. Rubber stamps are an excellent choice for creating colorful impressions on drawings, plans, and project specifications. Whether you’re new to the profession or established, rubber stamps can streamline the documentation process.

In Minnesota, there are several guidelines and regulations related to landscape architect stamps and seals. In addition, each state has its own requirements that need to be followed when choosing appropriate tools. For instance, they may need to be a certain size, have a specific shape, and include important information. All sorts of rubber stamps can be used for Minnesota landscape architects that meet regulations. After you understand all the rules, you’ll have an easier time choosing the right ones for your office. This article will share all the seal regulation information you need and insight into top stamps for use in the state.

Minnesota Landscape Architect Seal Requirements

Minnesota has unique requirements for landscape architects who work with documents. Therefore, two main things should be considered when purchasing tools for the job. These include:

  • Minnesota requires the use of a plan stamp as a seal for professional documents.
  • Embossing seals can be made for the state, but it is uncommon and cannot be used to seal your work.

The state of Minnesota requires landscape architects to use a plan stamp instead of a traditional seal. There is no specific size regulation associated with the plan stamp. Embossing seals can be made for use in the state, but most professionals stick with only the plan stamp. Each of the plan stamps states the following: I hereby certify that this plan, specification, or report is prepared by me or under my direct supervision and that I am a duty Licensed Landscape Architect under the laws of the State of Minnesota. In addition, there are lines to print your name, add your signature, date the document, and include your license number underneath the text. If you wish to use a seal in tandem with the plan stamp, it will be round and have two circles. Inside the first dotted circle are the name of the landscape architect and the words “State of Minnesota.” The inner circle includes the phrase “Licensed Landscape Architect” over your license number.

How To Contact the Board

Contacting the board may be needed at some point during your career as a Minnesota landscape architect. The website for the Minnesota Board of AELSLAGID provides information about getting licensed, managing your license, and other resources. If you’d like to contact them by mail, you can use the below address:

Minnesota Board of AELSLAGID

85 E. 7th Place, Suite 160

St. Paul, MN 55101

Minnesota Landscape Architect Stamps

Minnesota has strict requirements about which stamps you can use as a landscape architect. You must adhere to these regulations when choosing stamps to use on professional documents. Having an understanding of the regulations will ensure you order stamps you can use in the office. The best option is to choose a retailer who is up to date on the rules with a guarantee on their stamps. All of the stamps we sell meet the Minnesota state board regulations. They are designed to be used on various documents in the office, on the road, or both. Our stamps include self-inking models, hand stamps, and pre-inked versions so you can choose the option that best meets your needs. We also sell items like ink refills so you can stock up. When ordering stamps, we make sure that your design meets Minnesota guidelines. The stamps are shipped out quickly and we also provide you with digital seals for use on electronic paperwork. All of our Minnesota Landscape Architect stamps are made of durable materials.

Slim Pre-Inked Stamps

We recommend the Slim Pre-Inked Stamp for a Minnesota landscape architect who is often out of the office. It can be used in the office but has a design and size that shine when away from it. It includes durable parts like a desk stamp but comes in a squat round shape that easily fits into a briefcase or purchase. This slim model is available in seven colors of ink so you can choose your favorite.

You can expect this Minnesota Landscape Architect stamp to have enough ink to make at least 10,000 impressions before it requires a refill.

Self-Inking Stamp

You likely have a lot on your plate and want to get through the paperwork quickly, which the Self-Inking Minnesota Landscape Architect Stamp is here to offer. It’s an innovative self-inking stamp that makes fast impressions on documents like drawings and plans. As a result, you’ll cut down on how long it takes to create impressions so you can work on other tasks. This Minnesota Landscape Architect stamp has a press and stamp design where you touch it on a sheet of paper and add all your professional information. These stamps can be ordered in 11 ink colors and come ready to make up to 5,000 impressions.

Regular Wooden Handle Landscape Architect Stamps

A traditional hand stamp is the original way impressions were made on official plans and our Regular Hand Rubber Stamp still provides that experience. It’s a highly durable tool that comes at a reasonable price for adding your name, license number, and other information to sheets of paper. When purchasing this Minnesota Landscape Architect stamp, make sure to order a rubber stamp ink pad to use with it.

This is a stamp made to offer excellent marks on Mylar and it’s produced in the USA.

MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamps

The last stamp we recommend for Minnesota landscape architects is the MaxLight Pre-Inked Minnesota Landscape Architect Stamp. It’s a heavy-duty model with a sleek design that can be used indoors and out. It comes in seven ink colors and is filled to make at least 15,000 impressions on documents. A dust cover is included to protect the stamp from dirt and dust.

In addition to these four featured stamps, we also offer other rubber stamps and a selection of embossing seals. You can also order items like ink bottles to refill your stamps when they run dry. All of our stamps are made of high-quality materials and are shipping out to you quickly. You’ll also receive digital seals with your purchase.

About ESS

At ESS, we can take the time to review all of the regulations for all state boards so that when you get ready to sign and seal you know that our seals are certified. Check out our site to view all of our products and order online, whether you are looking for a licensed landscape architect stamp or another type of professional seal or stamp, we make sure that our stamps and seals are certified and compliant with all state board regulations. This means that when you order a Minnesota-licensed landscape architect stamp from us, you can be confident that it will meet all the requirements for your profession. Make sure to check out our website to view all of our professional seal and stamp options, including embossing seals and rubber stamps in a variety of styles and colors. Order online today and receive your new stamp quickly!