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Oregon Landscape Architect Stamp Regulations

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Not sure what kind of stamps and seals are needed as an Oregon landscape architect? It isn’t always clear since every state has a set of unique requirements about which tools can be used. For example, one location might require a 2-inch diameter seal with the words "Registered Landscape Architect," while another state might use 1-5/8 inch stamps that list you as a licensed architect. The good news is that we've put together all the information you need to choose the right tools for your Oregon landscape architectural business. For example, we'll make sure you know what size your seal should be, how it should look on documents, and what information you must include. In addition, we'll share which stamps and seals you can purchase that are approved by the board. We'll share a variety of products that are made to meet state regulations. You can be sure each item is appropriate for an Oregon landscape architect. Read on to learn about state rules and browse the best products to introduce to your office for professional documents.

Oregon Landscape Architect Seal Requirements

Before we get into all the specifics about Oregon landscape architect stamp requirements, there are three basic things to be aware of:

  • A rubber stamp must be used on professional documents; embossing seals are not authorized.
  • Each stamp a landscape architect uses should be 1-5/8 inches in diameter.
  • The word "Registered" is required as part of the seal information.

While landscape architects cannot use embossing seals in Oklahoma, except as an addition to stamps, rubber stamps, and electronic seals are allowed. Each seal must include the word "Registered" and have the initial registration date below the word "Oregon." It should be about 1-5/8 inches in diameter.

"Registered" will be found on the top of the stamp with a large dot on each end of the word. The bottom will say "Landscape Architect." There must be room in the center for the architect to add a signature. The stamp must have the registration number of the architect over the signature space.

The landscape architect's name should sit below the signature, while Oregon is placed over the name. In addition, the date of registration will be placed below the word Oregon.



Selecting High-Quality Modern Stamps for Oregon Landscape Architects

Since Oregon has strict guidelines on landscape architect stamps and seals, choosing products from a trusted vendor is important. Knowing the guidelines will help you ensure your own tools adhere to them for use on professional documents. It's always a good idea to be aware of the most current regulations so you can choose only stamps that meet them. Retailers who offer a guarantee on stamps are recommended.

Each of the stamps we offer has been designed to meet the Oregon state board requirements. You can use the stamps on various documents, such as drawings, specifications, and plans. Our selection of stamps includes traditional hand stamps, innovative self-inking stamps, and pre-inked stamps for use in and out of the office. We also have a selection of items like ink refills that can be used in your landscape architectural office. When ordering our quality stamps, each is verified to meet Oregon regulations. You'll receive both a physical stamp in your choice of ink color as well as a free set of electronic seals to be used on digital paperwork. All of our products are made of durable materials and we pride ourselves on offering fast shipping to your address.

Oregon Landscape Slim Pre-Inked Stamp

If you spend much time in your car as an Oregon landscape architect, the Slim Pre-Inked Stamp could be the right choice for you. It has all the same precision parts as a desk stamp but slims them down and makes them fit into a small package. This stamp is small enough to slip into a pocket or transport in a briefcase. In addition, the stamp comes in seven ink colors so you can choose the one you like most.

With our Slim Pre-Inked Stamps, you can expect to make around 10,000 marks before additional ink is required.

Self-Inking Landscape Architect Stamps

If you're constantly dealing with stacks of paperwork and never seem to be finished, you might need the Self-Inking Stamp. It's an innovative stamp that can be used anywhere you want. What makes it ideal for busy offices is its simple press and print design. It can quickly cut through paperwork and give you time to work on other things. In addition, it has a striking design and looks nice in the office. These self-inking stamps come in 11 ink colors and can make around 5,000 marks before reinking.

Regular Hand Rubber Stamps

Not everyone wants the most modern stamp with a ton of features. But, if that describes you, the Regular Hand Rubber Stamp could be the best option for you as an Oregon landscape architect. It has a traditional look with a solid wooden handle and a rubber base. It looks nice to add a rustic touch to an office and is an inexpensive option. However, it does require a felt or cloth rubber stamp ink pad so make sure to order one. This stamp is our best choice for adding your professional information to Mylar.

MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamps

Those who want to avoid regular reinking should look toward the MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamp. It's capable of making more than 15,000 impressions before you need to worry about adding any ink. On top of that, it's portable and includes a dust cover to keep it in great shape. It works well and comes in a total of seven ink colors for variety. Remember that all our stamps also include free e-seals that you can use in Oregon.

We also sell embossing seals, which can only be used in tandem with stamps. All of our products are made to last and are created with quality materials. As soon as you order, we'll get started to ensure your stamps make it to you quickly.

About ESS

At ESS, we know that your Oregon landscape architect stamp needs to be made up to date to meet all state regulations. You will be assured that our seal setup will match these guidelines and is backed by our state board guarantee. All our orders ship quickly, with most orders shipping the same day or by the next business day. Still, have more questions about your Oregon Landscape Architect Seal? Visit us online and click on contact us for phone e mail options.