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Pennsylvania Architect Seal Requirements: What You Need to Know

  • 5 min read
Pennsylvania Architect Seal Requirements: What You Need to Know Feature Post Image

Pennsylvania is home to many talented architects, and they need to abide by the rules and requirements of the state when it comes to sealing their official documents. To ensure that the seal used is valid and by state regulations, each Pennsylvania architect must have an embossing seal or rubber stamp. Architects need to adhere to these regulations to ensure that all documents bearing their seals are valid and taken seriously by any third parties viewing them.

Ensure Valid Documents: Learn About Pennsylvania Architecture Seal Requirements

The Pennsylvania Board of Architectural Registration requires all architects registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to use a single seal or stamp to represent their professional license and qualifications. This seal or stamp must have a diameter of 1-5/8", and must include each licensee's name, license number, and the legend ‘‘Architects’’. In addition, the number must have a Prefix written as “RA NO.” with no space between RA & the number. The professional seal or stamp must be an embossing seal or rubber stamp for proper authentication of documents.

An adequately formatted embossing seal or rubber stamp assures clients, employers, and other architecture professionals that the responsible party is authorized to practice architecture in Pennsylvania. These seals and stamps also provide legal proof that any architectural designs or documents were issued by a licensed architect who meets all necessary criteria to practice architecture in this state. Using these seals and stamps helps maintain public trust in the profession and its practitioners by assuring that any provided services are legitimate and meet necessary safety standards approved by the State Board of Architectural registration.

Discover the Unique Look of a Pennsylvania Architect Seal

The Pennsylvania Architect Stamp is a circular stamp measuring 1-5/8" in diameter. It has two concentric circles - the outer consisting of tick marks and the inner with small dots. The top arc of the seal reads 'Registered Architect,' and the license holder's name and license number are printed along the bottom. In the inner top arc, 'Pennsylvania' is inscribed boldly. Atop these markings is a prominent icon featuring an engraved column as its centerpiece, surrounded by a decorative vine along its base. The Pennsylvania Architect Stamp symbolizes one's commitment to professional excellence in their field and recognition of their licensure by the state. An architect displaying this seal on their work or correspondence verifies their qualifications and experience to practice architecture in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Architect Stamp Products Available

Pennsylvania architects have a variety of products available for them to use. One option is the electronic seal, which allows architects to quickly and easily generate and store digital versions of their documents and contracts. This process eliminates manual filing, saving time and reducing errors. Another choice is the self-inking stamp, which provides a professional touch to any document and adds security by including the architect’s name and credentials. Lastly, the wooden handle seal stamp offers a more traditional feel with its classic design. This type of stamp leaves an impression of the architect's credentials on any document they sign, allowing them to provide authenticity while still having a unique look. Rubber stamps are used mainly but a metal seal is still allowed.

Electronic Seal for Pennsylvania Architect

Looking for a quick and easy way to get your Pennsylvania architect stamp? Look no further than our digital Pennsylvania architect stamp! We guarantee that our stamps are made to state specifications and come in six different file formats, including DXF, DWG, PDF, JPG format, TIF and PNG (transparent background). You can choose to have the default color (black) or opt for red, blue or green. Plus, our digital seal is perfect for those who want to seal electronically. We'll send you the product via email within 1 business day. A digital signature overlay may be added to the prescribed seal. This may be a better alternative to the handwritten signature.

Self-Inking Pennsylvania Architect Stamp

This self-inking stamp is perfect for repetitive stamping, with up to 5,000 impressions before re-inking. It's also simple to use - just press and print! Plus, you can easily re-ink or replace the internal ink pad if you ever run low on ink. Once stamped, these make great facsimile seals, and have an open space at the bottom for physical placement on the page.

Pennsylvania Architect Seal Stamp

The Pennsylvania Architect Seal Stamp is the perfect way to make sure your documents are properly sealed and authenticated. Backed by a state board guarantee, this stamp is made to specifications from the board and features a regular wooden handle. Use it with a separate stamp pad for the most economical option, or switch out the stamp pads for different color combinations. When you need to use permanent ink for stamping on mylar, the Pennsylvania Architect Seal Stamp is the perfect solution.

MaxLight Pre-Inked Pennsylvania Architectural Stamp

Looking for a top-quality, premium architectural stamp? Look no further than the MaxLight Pre-Inked Pennsylvania Architectural Stamp! This state board-approved stamp is made to stringent state specifications and comes in 5 ink colors. It's simple to use - press it into your paper, and it will leave a clean, clear imprint. Plus, there's no need to replace an ink pad, as the die plate absorbs the ink. Best of all, it's quiet and clean, making it perfect for office or home use.

Where to Buy the Pennsylvania Architectural Stamp

We take pride in providing the most reliable professional seal products at Engineer Seal Stamps. Our unique selection of stamps and seals is crafted to meet specific state specifications, so you can be sure you’re getting a product that is up to code. We also offer unparalleled customer service - with every physical stamp you buy from us, you get free electronic seals provided in 6 various file formats for your convenience. Our speedy delivery ensures your order will reach you quickly without sacrificing quality. With this combination of product reliability, excellent customer service, and speedy delivery, Engineer Seal Stamps is an unbeatable destination for all your professional seal needs.


When it comes to sealing and authenticating documents, Pennsylvania architects have several options available. Each method has advantages, from manual filing to self-inking stamps or wooden handle seal stamps. The digital seal is perfect for those who want a quick and easy way of getting their logo without the hassle of physical printing. For more professional touches, the MaxLight Pre-Inked Pennsylvania Architectural Stamp provides excellent quality with five ink colors that will impress your clients. Finally, Engineer Seal Stamps offers reliable products made to state specifications as well as unbeatable customer service and speedy delivery so you can get exactly what you need when you need it for final review on any client's records before signing off on the first page.

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