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The Basics of Using Texas Architecture Seals and Embossers

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Texas Architecture Seals and Embossers

The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners regulates the licenses of architects in the state to ensure a safe environment and uphold the integrity of the profession. The need for a seal on a design creates personal responsibility.

Requirements for Texas Architecture Seals and Embossers

Each architect must own a unique seal and embosser to identify his or her work from others. By sealing, signing, and dating each piece, the architect is recognizing a standard of care and meeting regulations. This means the architect has taken into account materials used, climate and environmental changes, and human safety. The architect may use the seal if he or she created the designs or had direct knowledge or involvement in the project.

It is a violation to alter any designs bearing the seal of another architect. When alterations must be done, according to Texas law, considerable effort has to be made to reach the original architect. The altering architect must detail all integrations on the plans, seal, sign, and date all documents. The architect must keep these altered plans on file for a minimum of ten years.

According to the Texas Administrative Code, every registered architect must seal, sign, and date the following:

  • Each sheet of drawings or blueprints
  • Each specification
  • Each alteration drawing or specification

The registered architect is responsible for the sealed documents for a minimum of ten years (Title 22, Part 1, Chapter 1, and Subchapter F).

Exceptions for Texas Architecture Seals and Embossers:

There are a couple of exceptions on when Texas architecture seals and embossers are not needed:

  • Plans for agricultural buildings
  • Plans for one-family or two-family dwellings

Inappropriate actions may result in the suspension or revocation of Texas architecture seals and embossers. A seal must never be attached to documents the registered architect did not create or directly supervise.

Designs for Texas Architecture Seals and Embossers

Per regulations, each seal must be circular in shape and no less than 1-½” in diameter. The border around the seal is a twisted rope. The top of the outer ring reads “Registered Architect” and the bottom of the outer ring reads “State of Texas”. The inner circle contains the licensee’s name and licensure number. No other letters or numbers are to be added. When applied or stamped, the seal must be legible.

Vendors for Texas Architecture Seals and Embossers

Vendors for Texas architecture seals and embossers can be found online after a careful search. Look for a vendor with the up-to-date design and one offering a guarantee in regards to meeting state requirements, like Engineer Seal Stamps.

Texas architecture seals and embossers are available in a rubber stamp, pre-inked stamp, embossed, or as an electronic jpeg. Depending on the form preferred, price will vary.

Acorn Sales offers a guarantee that all of their Texas architecture seals and embossers meet Texas state requirements, and provides affordably priced seals, embossers and stamps.