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Understanding the Alaska Land Surveyor Stamp

  • 2 min read
Alaska Land Surveyor Stamp

Once you are licensed in Alaska, a land surveyor stamp is required. Making sure you understand the rules and requirements of these stamps will ensure you remain in compliance. Here, you will discover the size, appearance and usage guidelines that all licensed surveyors must follow in Alaska.

Alaska Land Surveyor Stamp Requirements

Unlike most other states, Alaska does not have rules that dictate a required size for surveyor stamps. While there are no size guidelines, most Alaska land surveyor stamps have a 2” diameter. The seal must follow appearance guidelines to ensure validity. Each stamp features two circles – one along the outside and a smaller dotted line inside of it. Between the two circles, the top of your Alaska land surveyor stamp must include the words “State of Alaska” while “Registered Professional Land Surveyor” appears along the bottom. Inside the smaller, dotted line circle, the stamp needs to include “49th” followed by a star. This is followed by a space designated for the signature, with the licensee’s name and licensing number just below it. “No.” and “LS” must precede the license number.

Usage Requirements

Alaska land surveyor stamps also have usage guidelines that must be followed. While the stamp can be in the form of an embosser, stamp or digital image, you must make sure that your signature and the date are always included. The signature should be placed along the signature space inside the stamp, along with the date. Both the signature and date can also be used electronically, providing that the proper regulations are followed.

Digital Seals

When using an Alaska land surveyor stamp in a digital format, you have to make sure that you have an original of the document that also includes the seal, signature and date. Additionally, a digital seal can only be used if software is included that automatically removes or modifies the signature if any information in the document is changed.

Additional Information

It is important for all licensed surveyors to understand the requirements of their Alaska land surveyor stamp. It is also a good idea to make sure to check the Alaska State Board of Registration for Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyorswebsite to keep track of any changes in requirements that may occur for Alaska land surveyor stamps. This will make sure you are always using your seal in the appropriate manner so that you remain in compliance with all regulations and rules.