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Understanding Your Arkansas Land Surveyor Stamp

In Arkansas, land surveyors are required to use a seal when signing discipline-related documents. Due to the potential for fines and imprisonment that are associated with failing to use an Arkansas land surveyor stamp properly, it is important that you understand all usage and appearance requirements. Below you will find out exactly what you need to know to protect yourself and your firm.

Seal Requirements

There are two different types of Arkansas land surveyor stamps that can be used in a professional capacity: one is designated for licensed individuals and the other is a COA seal that is issued for firms. While both stamps must be 1-5/8” in diameter, there are differences in their appearances.

An individual Arkansas land surveyor stamp features two circles, with the largest one containing the entire seal and the smaller containing additional information. In the space between these concentric circles, the words “Licensed Professional Surveyor” must be at the top. Inside the smaller circle, the words “State of Arkansas” and “No.” followed by the license number must be at the top in three straight lines. Below these lines is a signature line, with the licensee’s name appearing directly under it along the bottom curve of the inner circle.

The COA version of the Arkansas land surveyor seal also includes two concentric circles. However, in the space between them, the words “Certificate of Authorization” must appear at the top, with “Arkansas” along the bottom. The firm’s name and license number (preceded by “No.”) is placed inside the smaller circle in straight lines.

Usage Guidelines

Arkansas land surveyor stamps must be used on all surveys, plats, maps and other documents related to the discipline. The seal must also include both a signature and date in order to be valid. Surveyors are required to use the seal on any documents that they create, as well as those that are created under their direct supervision. Affixing an Arkansas land surveyor stamp along with your signature and date shows that you take complete responsibility for the information contained in the document, and that you have verified that all information is correct and meets all code requirements.


Failing to obtain or use an Arkansas land surveyor stamp appropriately can result in fines, imprisonment or both. Anytime there is an offense, whether due to using a seal inappropriately or failing to have one that meets the guidelines, it is considered a separate occurrence. Additionally, each day that the violation continues is also a separate offense. For these reasons, making sure you understand and follow all Arkansas land surveyor stamp requirements is very important.

Surveyors should also take the time to visit theArkansas State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors website frequently to make sure they are aware of any changes in these rules and regulations throughout their period of licensing to ensure proper compliance.

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