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Usage Requirements and Guidelines for Illinois Land Surveyor Stamps

  • 2 min read
Illinois Land Surveyor Stamps

If you are licensed in Illinois, your land surveyor stamp is an important part of conducting business. Keep reading to make sure you understand the most important guidelines for how your seal looks and how you should be using it.

Illinois land surveyor stamps must adhere to certain appearance guidelines in order to be considered valid. Each seal is made up of two circles of different sizes, with the outer circle generally being 1-5/8” in diameter, even though there are no specific size requirements. In the space between the two circles, the stamp must include the licensee’s name along the top arc and "State of Illinois" along the bottom. Inside the smaller inner circle, the stamp must list the license number on one line, followed by the city and state in which you are licensed.

Use of Illinois Land Surveyor Stamps

You are required to use your Illinois land surveyor stamp on each report, plat, drawing or other official document that you create. Each time it is used, you must also include your signature, the date and the expiration of your license by the seal. When adding your signature to documents along with the Illinois land surveyor stamp, you can include an original signature, a computer-generated signature or a copy of the document in question that includes your handwritten signature.

It is important to understand that each time you use an Illinois land surveyor stamp, it implies a few different things, including:

  • That you are responsible for the creation of the documents or you personally oversaw the employee who created them
  • You have verified that all of the information is correct and meets all local requirements
  • You accept responsibility for all reports and information that is contained within the pages
  • That you have a land surveyor license in Illinois that is in good standing

While you can affix your Illinois land surveyor stamp to documents that are prepared under your direct supervision, you must be considered “in responsible charge” of them. If you did not provide supervision during the writing of the documents, you can’t use your seal on them.

Special Considerations

Another important thing to remember when using an Illinois land surveyor stamp is that you are not responsible for any damages that result from changes to the information. This means that if you did not directly approve the changes to a document bearing the seal, including those made by local or state governmental agencies, you can’t be held liable for the results of those changes.

Using an Illinois land surveyor stamp is required, so you need to ensure that you have a clear understanding of all regulations to avoid penalization, which can include revocation of your license, due to improper use.