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What are Notarial Seals and What they Do

  • 5 min read
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Have you ever wondered what a notarial seal is, and what it is used for? A notarial seal is an embossing seal that has the name of the notary public and the words “Notary Public” engraved on it. The purpose of a notarial seal is to prove that a document was signed or sealed by the notary public. Notaries use their seals to stamp documents with their signature, date, and jurisdiction. If you need to have a document notarized, bring your document and ID to a local notary public. Continue reading to find out more!

What Are Notarial Seals And Why Do You Need One

A notarial seal is an embossed stamp that is used to authenticate official paperwork. The seal indicates that the document has been executed in the presence of a notary public, who has witnessed the signing of the document and has affixed their official seal. A notarial seal is required for many legal documents, such as deeds, contracts, and wills. In some jurisdictions, a notarial seal may also be referred to as a notary stamp or notary seal. While a notarial seal is not required for all documents, it can be very helpful in ensuring the authenticity of a document. For instance, if a contract is notarized, it can act as proof that the parties to the contract signed the document. This can be important if there is ever a dispute about the terms of the contract or whether it was signed. Similarly, a will that has been notarized can act as evidence that the person who signed the will intended it to be their last will. Without a notarial seal, it can be more difficult to prove these things. Overall, a notarial seal provides an extra layer of protection and authentication for important documents. If you are ever executing a legal document, be sure to ask your lawyer or Notary Public if notarization is required or recommended.

What Type Of Documents Require the Use of a Notary Seal Impression

A notarized document is a document that has been signed by a notary public. A notary public is a person who has been appointed by the state to witness the signing of documents and to ensure that they are executed properly. Notarized documents are typically used for legal or financial transactions. Some examples of notarized documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates, and deeds.

To have a document notarized, the signer must appear before the notary public and present a valid form of identification. The notary public will then watch as the signer signs the document. Once the document has been signed, the notary public will add their award certificate seals. This process helps to ensure that the document is valid and that it has been executed properly.

How To Get Your Notarial Seal

Engineersealstamps.com offers a wide variety of notarial seals. They provide notary seals for every state, so you can be sure to find the perfect stamp for your needs. They also offer a variety of shipping and delivery options for your ESS orders. We also make sure that your notary seal has the required elements for your state. It is best to check with your state notary office first to review the requirements before you make a purchase.

How To Buy Notarial Seals

Engineersealstamps.com is a great resource for notary products, and they offer a wide variety of options to choose from. When selecting a seal, you'll want to make sure that it is the correct model for your needs. You'll also want to consider what type of notary seal your state requires. Some states allow either the embossing seal or the inking stamp whereas some specify one or the other. You will also need to check with your state regulations to see what additional wording is required. With these things in mind, you'll be able to find the perfect notarial seal for your needs. They also have other products available such as self-inking stamps, rubber stamps, etc. Here's how you can buy your notarial seals:

  1. Visit engineersealstamps.com and browse through their selection of Notary Seal Stamps.
  2. Find the perfect stamp for your needs and add it to your cart.
  3. Select your shipping option and enter your payment information.
  4. Your Notary Seal Stamp will be on its way!

Use your notary seal or stamp to notarize important documents. Be sure to follow all state requirements for notarization.

How To Use Your Second Notary Seal Impression

Your notary seal is one of the most important tools of your notary trade. It not only confirms your identity as a notary public, but it also serves to validate the documents you notarize. As such, it's important to know how to properly use your notarial seal. First and foremost, you should only use your notary seal on documents that you are authorized to notarize. Once you've determined that a document is suitable for notarization, you can begin the process by affixing your notary seal impression.

Either way, be sure to apply even pressure so that your impression is clear and legible. After applying your notary seal impression, you'll need to sign and date the document beneath it. Once complete, you can then add a second notary seal impression next to your signature. This helps to confirm that the document has been properly notarized according to your state's laws and regulations. Finally, be sure to store your notary journal safely and securely so that you can reference it later if needed. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that you're using your notary seal correctly and fulfilling your duties as a notary public.

Gold Seal Stickers Flat Options for Sealing

Want to use a foil seal with your notary seal, or your own award certificate seals? You can use our self-adhesive foil seals with a metallic gold finish to add a professional and official look to your documents. Please keep in mind that not all gold envelope seals work well with embossing seals. Avery gold notarial seals and other labels from office supply stores are thicker than other foil seal brands and could potentially bend the insert of your seal. Most stamp shops will sell permanent adhesive foil seals that are made to be used with notary seals on official documents. They have the same metallic gold material that looks like the Avery inkjet print brand and also come on label sheets. Our foil seals are just not as thick and easier to use when sealing envelopes and add an official final touch to a document's appearance. These seals are not meant for laser printers or to be used in an inkjet printer as their intended use.


A notarial seal is a physical representation of the Notary's authority. It also provides customer protection by showing that you are who you say you are, and it gives customers confidence in your abilities as a Notary. A notarial seal can be used on any document, but it is commonly used on loan papers, deeds, contracts, and other important papers. If you are a Notary Public, state law requires that you have a valid notarial seal. You can purchase one from a variety of vendors, or you can make your own using an online template.

About ESS

ESS is a lead provider of notary stamps and notary seals. We also make award seals, library seals, books belonging to seals, and even seals to celebrate office milestones. Don't want to just use regular paper with your seal? Add a packet of self-adhesive foil seals to add an extra flair or an impressive professional look. Check out our website to see more beautiful designs and even easily create your own for a professional look.