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What to Look for in Delaware Architecture Stamp Seals

  • 4 min read
Delaware Architecture Stamp

Are you an architect in the state of Delaware? If so, there are certain requirements and regulations set forth by the Delaware Board of Architects that require architects to obtain a professional seal. In this blog post, we will discuss what is needed to receive a Delaware Architect Seal, as well as other additional important information relating to architectural practice in the state. As understanding, these rules are essential for all licensed contractors doing business within Delaware's borders, read on for more details.

Delaware Architect Seal Requirements

In addition to the size requirements, there are also specifications as to what must be written on Delaware architecture stamp seals. The architect’s legal name must be used along with their unique license number. The seal must also include the phrase "Registered Architect" and "State of Delaware." The design must also have the name of the architect in the top arc of the seal and the registration number below it.

If the architect’s registration is revoked, suspended, or non-renewed, they must return their Certificate of Registration, license, and Delaware architecture stamp seals to the Delaware Board of Architects. The seal is closely associated with the registration and license and the responsibilities that accompany them.

How Architects Use Delaware Architecture Stamp Seals

Whether the architect is working independently or as a member of a firm, their seal will be used on documents they have worked on personally or overseen. Their name, signature, and date will appear with their seal on plans, reports, and specifications. Some stamps make an embossed image onto the paper that you can feel when you run your hand across it. Others stamp ink onto the paper and they do not indent the surface.

Like many other states, Delaware offers architects a choice in using an embossing seal or a rubber stamp. There are many styles of both types of stamps that the architect may choose based on ease of use, quality of the seal it produces, or the number of seals it will produce without adding ink. Most of these come in your choice of ink colors and are made to meet the board specifications for the state.

Significance of Delaware Architecture Stamp Seals

To achieve licensure and registration, an architect in Delaware has obtained a great deal of information and proven his capability of performing his job in a way that is fair, safe, and legal. The details of the Delaware architecture stamp seals used on documents related to his projects reflect the responsibility of the architect to use his knowledge and skills in a way that is safe and beneficial to the public.

The architect should limit his purchase to Delaware architecture stamp seals that are guaranteed to meet the requirements of the board and the state of Delaware. Although there are many styles of embossing seals and rubber stamps to choose from, the specifics of the seal itself must be followed exactly. Engineer Seal Stamps offers a wide variety of Delaware architecture stamp seals that are guaranteed to abide by state regulations and meet all specifications.



Delaware Architect Stamp Options

A Delaware Architect has several choices when choosing the model type for their Delaware Architect stamp. Below are some of the more popular choices for a Delaware architect.

Self Inking Stamp

Looking for an easy, comfortable way to make your stamp impressions? Our Self-Inking Architect Stamp of Seal is perfect! Crafted from soft but strong synthetics and available in 11 ink choices, this seal offers up to 5,000 clear stamps with each pad. It's also designed specifically for state specifications. As a bonus, we'll even send you complimentary digital files (jpg format included) so you can use the stamp electronically. So, choose your favorite ink color and order one today.

Delaware Architect Seal State Regular Rubber Stamp

Our Delaware Architect Seal Stamp is backed by our state board guarantee so you can trust its quality, plus it's easy to use with a regular wooden handle. Don't forget to choose an ink pad. Best of all? It’s affordable. Plus, it is ideal for industrial inks used on mylar projects or any other glossy materials requiring an official seal!


By using Delaware architecture stamp seals, architects can demonstrate their commitment to safety and professionalism. Whether you’re looking for an embossing seal or a rubber stamp, Engineer Seal Stamps offers a wide variety of options that are guaranteed to meet state regulations and specifications. From self-inking stamps to regular rubber stamps with wooden handles, we have something for everyone. Plus, orders ship fast so contact us today and order your Delaware architect stamp!

About ESS

At ESS, we know that you worked hard to become a Delaware architect and you need a seal that you can trust has been made to state regulations. This is why we back all of our professional seals with a state board guarantee. We also carry accessories for your stamps and seals so if you need foil stickers or an extra bottle of ink we have you covered. There is never min quantity for ordering so we can handle big and small.