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What You Need to Know about the Use of Massachusetts Architecture Stamp Seal

The Massachusetts architect must follow the Rules of Professional Conduct as set forth by the state. The architect is expected to know and follow all the rules and regulations of the state and show reasonable care and competence in executing all of the responsibilities of the job. The use of the Massachusetts architecture stamp seal is the architect’s symbol of good standing as a registered professional in the state.

Physical Requirements for the Massachusetts Architecture Stamp Seal

Once an architect has completed the required training and has received licensure, they are required to use a Massachusetts architecture stamp seal that meets a number of specifications. They will be required to purchase a rubber stamp that is 1-5/8” in diameter. An embossing stamp can be used in combination with the rubber stamp but not in place of it. Each stamp is required to have a serrated border and it must include the following information:

  • The architect’s license number preceded by the prefix “No.”
  • The phrase “Registered Architect”
  • The phrase “Commonwealth of Massachusetts” followed by the name of the city and town of registration

If an architect is registered to a different state than Massachusetts, the seal must show the name of the state, province or territory. Since it is up to the architect to purchase the stamp, they must find and purchase a Massachusetts architecture stamp seal that meets all of these requirements precisely.

While the architect is required to use the seal of registration on all documents related to his or her own plans, its use is not allowed on those over which he/she has no responsible control. The only exception to this rule is for the purposes of 231 CMR 4.01(5) in which “another licensed professional” is used as reference to a professional engineer, licensed plumber or electrician, or registered land surveyor or landscape architect.

Types of Massachusetts Architecture Stamp Seals for Sale

There are two considerations to keep in mind when you purchase a Massachusetts architecture stamp seal. First, it should meet all the requirements of state law. The architect should purchase a stamp seal that is the appropriate size and which has the serrated border. Some stamps are available in a choice of sizes according to the state it is needed for while others are made only for a specific state.

The second thing to keep in mind when purchasing a Massachusetts architecture stamp seal is its ability to provide a clean, crisp image that is easy to read. Architects in the state of Massachusetts may choose between traditional hand rubber stamps and self-inking or pre-inked styles. While a hand rubber stamp requires you to have an ink source, the other two work repeatedly with the ink they hold.

A pre-inked Massachusetts architecture stamp seal will provide you with the best quality stamp image and typically lasts longer than those that self-ink. Although this type of stamp usually costs more than other styles, the importance of the position they represent calls for the best, clearest quality impression possible.

The architect should limit their selection to those products designated as Massachusetts architecture stamp seals to ensure the specifics of the state are met. The importance of the seal is in its design and its use under the laws of the state.

Visit Acorn Sales for the Massachusetts architecture stamp seal of your choice that meets the requirements in size, style and quality.

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