Wyoming Architecture Seal Embosser

Architects, engineers, land surveyors, and other professionals must adhere to specific guidelines set forth by national as well as their local state governing bodies. Guidelines differ from state to state but one thing remains the same; the need for rules and regulations regarding the creation of architect’s plans and designs. Following these guidelines is essential to protect the welfare of the public.

In Wyoming, the Wyoming State Board of Architects and Landscape Architects is responsible for overseeing both architects and landscape architects. Their mission is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the natural as well as built environment through the following:

  • Licensing
  • Raising the public’s awareness of the importance of utilizing a licensed, professional architect
  • Improving continuing education opportunities for architect professionals

The first step is understanding the specific requirements for the Wyoming architecture seal embosser.

Wyoming Architecture Seal Requirements

One of the most recognizable ways to tell that an architect is adhering to Wyoming’s regulations is to look for the official Wyoming architecture seal embosser. If you are an architect working in Wyoming, you must know what exactly the Wyoming architecture seal embosser needs to have to be official.

Here are the Wyoming Architect Seal State requirements:

  • Rubber stamp
  • Embossing seal
  • Digital image acceptable (it is the registered architect's responsibility to ensure the security of this digital image)
  • Size of stamp or seal to be between 1-1/2” to 2” in diameter with an average size of 1-5/8”
  • Contain the terminology “Licensed Architect”
  • Contain the terminology “State of Wyoming”

Architects conducting business in the State of Wyoming must be certain that in addition to using the seal replica from the state Board in the Rules and Regulations dated April 27, 2001, they include the above information and stick to the stated regulations for the Wyoming architecture seal embosser. Each state has different rules regarding not only the appearance and criteria for the actual stamp but also as to when and where the Wyoming architecture seal embosser is used. Again, this differs somewhat from state to state so if you are new to practicing business in Wyoming be sure to review the guidelines carefully to insure the integrity of your designs.

When and Where to Use the Wyoming Architect Seal Embosser

The Wyoming architecture seal embosser must be used only as specified by the Wyoming State Board of Architects and Landscape Architects as defined in Chapter 9. The Wyoming architecture seal embosser should be used in the following scenarios:

  • All technical documents
  • Final designs and drawings
  • Title, cover, and index page of each set of specifications
  • Cover and index page of all other technical submissions
  • Original signature across each Wyoming architecture seal embosser
  • Date of document signing with seal embosser

When the Wyoming architecture seal embosser appears on technical documents, it is bearing witness that the architect whose seal embosser appears, possessed control over the design of all plans submitted and affixed with the seal. The appearance of the seal also confirms that the date of the signing of the plan is correct.

The primary concern of all governing rules and regulations is the best interest and protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public. The guidelines in Wyoming concerning the Wyoming architecture seal embosser are set forth by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards Rules of Conduct.

The State of Wyoming takes seriously the role of the architect in creating and designing structures and buildings that are safe, and appealing and keep the welfare of the public as the number one priority. The Wyoming architecture seal embosser is one clear way to see that these important guidelines are being followed.


Wyoming Architect Stamp Options

If you are looking for an architect stamp, there are several options to choose from. Below are some of the most popular choices for the Wyoming architect stamp.

Wyoming Architect Self-Inking Stamp

This self-inking stamp is guaranteed by the state board to be made to specifications, and it comes in 11 ink colors. It's simple to use - just press and print! The stamp is also reinkable and has a replaceable internal ink pad, so you can keep using it for up to 5,000 impressions. It's perfect for repetitive stamping and has smooth action printing. Add a ink refill bottle to your order for future use.

State of Wyoming Architect Pre-Inked Stamps

This stamp is made specifically to the requirements set by your state board. Plus, we guarantee this stamp will perform up to its promise for at least 6 months - if not, we'll repair or replace it! And when it does start running a little low on ink, these stamps are refillable for 15,000 impressions before needing ink again! Best of all, these stamps come in five different ink colors so you can choose one that best represents your style. It's designed to fit easily into any purse or bag - because let's face it, you have places to go and things to do. And even better? Our nifty pre-inked stamps give off a minimal sound and don't need a messy ink pad!


It is important to understand the rules and regulations surrounding Wyoming architecture seal embossers to ensure that your designs are compliant with state laws. With the right knowledge, you can use the Wyoming architecture seal embosser on all of your technical documents for ultimate accuracy and precision. There are a variety of Wyoming architect stamp options available, from self-inking stamps to pre-inked stamps so you can choose one that best suits your needs. By utilizing these tools correctly, you'll be able to create safe and attractive buildings while also protecting the public welfare.

About ESS

At ESS, we want to be your one-stop shop for your Wyoming architect seal state board-approved stamp or embosser. All of our professional seals are made to the specifications of your state. We also carry accessories like foil stickers and ink pads. Need help finding the right product? Our customer service team is here to answer any questions you have. Contact us today and get your work sealed with confidence.

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