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Alabama Landscape Architect Stamp Regulations

Landscape Architects are in charge of the supervision, planning, and investigation of the development of land areas, with the ultimate purpose of preserving or enhancing proper land use. In order to become a full-fledged landscape architect in Alabama, you would need to pass all qualifications and requirements and obtain the stamp and seal that certifies your credibility as one.

The applicants are responsible for the documents or any form of evidence they submit to the Board that will prove their skills until the Board is satisfied. This evidence can include diplomas, advertisements, documents, certificates, and the like.

But before proceeding to prepare the stamp and seal requirements for Alabama Landscape Architects, applicants would first need to apply and qualify for licensure.

Licensure Qualifications

An applicant will only be allowed to apply for a license if they meet all the requirements of the statute of Alabama including the Board’s rules and regulations. The Board will decide whether an applicant is eligible for a license and will notify them thereafter.

According to the Code of Ala 1975 by William R. Sorensen, the qualifications are as follows:

  • The applicant must submit sufficient documents that prove that they have completed their studies, have graduated from either a school of landscape architecture or any other college, and that they have had field experience. The applicant must have either 6 years of combined education and field experience.
  • Instead of graduating from a college of the school of landscape architecture, proof of a minimum of 8 years of practical experience in landscape architectural work will suffice.
  • The applicant may need to attach authentic proof to support their claims such as photographs, diplomas, affidavits, and any other form of evidence. This is to validate their skills and capability as a landscape architect.
  • An applicant who does not have a college degree may also be asked to submit a portfolio of plans for the Board to assess their skills in planting plans, execution, and drawing perspectives.
  • The Board will have the right to keep submitted documents as part of the overall application, thus the applicant may request that photocopies of these documents be submitted instead of the original copies.
  • All applicants are to be assessed fairly according to the evidence they passed. Any action taken by the Board will be recorded and an outline of the decision is to be included within the application.
  • If needed, the Board may require an applicant to personally appear at a designated time and place. Failure to do so will get an application disapproved.
  • If an applicant fails to submit additional evidence or information as required from them within 30 days after receiving the written request is also a just reason to disqualify an application.

Licensure Examination

After application, the applicants will have to go through a knowledge and skill evaluation to test whether they are capable of performing as a trustworthy landscape architects. This is also to ensure the welfare and safety of the public. Note that every applicant must have already passed the Registration Examination prior to application for licensure with a passing mark or higher.

There will also be a supplemental examination that covers the Alabama statute, the Board’s rules and regulations, and the Code of Conduct for Landscape Architects. This is to ensure that the applicants are well aware of what they are getting themselves into. 

Instead of the aforementioned supplemental examination, the Board may also opt to administer an oral examination. This will cover the same topics as the written supplemental exams. An applicant will only pass the exam if they have fully satisfied the Board Member with their demonstration of extensive knowledge, skills, and capabilities. Otherwise, they will be disqualified from practicing landscape architecture.

Examination Exemption

In some cases, the Board may decide to exempt an applicant from the examinations if they have received a license to practice landscape architecture from an official Board of Examiners from another state as long as:

  • The applicant had gotten a passing grade or higher on the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Board’s exam
  • The standards of qualifications of the other state is equal to what is required in Alabama
  • The other state where the applicant received their license gives as much value and recognition to landscape architects as the state of Alabama does
  • The requirements of both the Alabama Board and the other state’s board are the same

License Certificate and Seal Requirements

An applicant will be immediately notified if they have successfully met all requirements of the Board and are qualified for a license to become a landscape architect of the state of Alabama. At this point the now landscape architecture would need to pay the application fee so the Board may issue their license certificate. The registration number of the new landscape architect must appear on both the license certificate, their seal, and on every work created and signed by said architect.

Aside from the registration number, the seal must also include the following:

  • Registrant’s name
  • The words “Registered Landscape Architect” followed by “State of Alabama”

The landscape architect seal must have a diameter of 2” with a 1/16” wide solid border on the edge. Another 1/16” wide solid border will be on the inner part that emphasizes the ¼" outer ring that has the words “State of Alabama” at the top and “Registered Landscape Architect” below. The middle circle should be divided by a horizontal line with the registrant’s name above the line and the registration number below.

In addition, the landscape architect may opt to affix a digital signature and the date on the documents as long as it is secure and another person is given the authority to sign in lieu of themselves. The landscape architect will hold full responsibility for the documents they have signed and verified.


Other than the application fee, the registrant will also have to pay for the annual license fee and original certificate. The annual license fee is to be paid by every landscape architect to the Board on every first of January yearly and will be marked delinquent if left unpaid after the 31st .

If the landscape architect fails to pay for the annual license fee and other penalty fees by the 15th  of March per year then their certificates will be suspended. After suspension, the architect would need to reapply for certification unless the Board decides to waive additional examination.

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