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What You Need To Know About South Dakota Architectural Seals

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South Dakota Architectural Seals

In South Dakota, architectural seals require a bit more information than in a lot of other states. As a result, the size requirements for the seal itself are a bit larger than average. However, it is not just the size of the seal itself that takes up a bit of the page when it comes to South Dakota architectural seals, the rules and regulations regarding how they can be used are quite verbose. The following though is a summary of the basic requirements for what South Dakota architectural seals must have to be considered valid. They can be produced via rubber stamp, embossed sticker, computer generation, or facsimile.

South Dakota Architect Seal Requirements

Any professional who has had sufficient educational training passed all applicable tests, paid all applicable fees, and who is by all rights an architect by trade may be granted permission to have a seal and practice their trade in the state with one exception. Any person who works as a petroleum release assessor, remediation, or even interning in those fields may not obtain or even make use of any seal involving construction in South Dakota. Beyond the restriction on petroleum workers, general rules apply for using South Dakota architectural seals.

Only the architect that owns the seal may use it on their work or the work they supervised. They must seal and sign off on all their work, which means placing the seal with their signature adjacent in a legible manner on every page of their original and copied work. In South Dakota, this also includes tracings, final drafts, specification reports, calculations, surveys, and anything else the architect had a direct hand in which they had to approve.

Outer Circle

  • The seal must be comprised of two concentric circles with the outer ring having a 2" diameter and the inner ring having a 1-¼" diameter.
  • The word “Registered” or “Licensed” may appear as a prefix to the occupational title that is to be written between the inner and outer circle, along with “Professional Architect”.

Inner Circle

  • In the center of the seal, at the top, the words, “Reg. No.” should appear, beneath which the architect's license number should be listed, followed by their name.
  • “South Dakota” must be at the bottom of the inner circle.

The Use of Digital South Dakota Architect Stamps

In this modern age, the use of digital media cannot be escaped. Despite the large percentage of rural counties in South Dakota, they are very technologically savvy when it comes to tracking information. Digital documents may be signed and sealed electronically so long as the seal still meets all the standard guidelines for South Dakota architectural seals and can be verified as being valid. The signature portion must also be verifiable and unique. Both must be in the sole possession and use of the architect and the document or file containing the signed and sealed item must have a failsafe that causes it to be invalidated should it be tampered with after it has been signed and given South Dakota architectural seals.

Where to Obtain South Dakota Architectural Seals

There are no limits as to where you may obtain your specific seal from. If you use a digital seal, you may make your own from scratch, so long as it is used with a security program. For more traditional seals, such as a good old-fashioned rubber stamp seal or embosser, you can try a place like ESS. They have a solid selection of products that include a line of South Dakota architectural seals and embossing products.

Types of Stamp and Seal Products Available

There are a wide variety of architect stamps available, below are the most common types of architect stamps. Most online retailers such as ESS offer prompt service with fast shipping (typically within a business day) if you are in the market for an architect stamp.

Wooden Handle Rubber Stamp

A wooden handle rubber stamp is a good tool for the South Dakota Architect. This high-quality stamp is made to state specifications and comes with a regular wooden handle for easy stamping. The best part about this stamp is that it is very economical and can be used with different color combinations of ink pads. When you need to use industrial inks for stamping on mylar, this is the perfect stamp for the job!

Pre Inked Stamps

The Premium MaxLight Pre-Inked South Dakota Architectural Stamp! This top-of-the-line stamp is backed by our state board guarantee, making it perfect for those important occasions when you need to make a lasting impression. Made to State Specifications from the board, it comes in 5 ink colors and works in a press-in-print manner. Simple to use, with no ink pad to replace, it's quiet and clean stamping at its finest. So make like Mount Rushmore and put your stamp on South Dakota history with the Premium MaxLight Pre-Inked South Dakota Architectural Stamp!

Self Inking Stamp

A Self Inking Stamp is an architect stamp that comes backed by our state board guarantee, meaning it meets all the specifications set forth by the South Dakota Board of Architects. And it's available in 11 different ink colors so there will be an ink color you like, so you can choose the perfect shade to match your style. Plus, the simple press-and-print stamping makes it easy to get great results every time. And if your stamp starts running low on ink, no problem! Just reink it or replace the pad and you're good to go. Up to 5,000 impressions before re-inking means, this Self-Inking South Dakota architect stamp will last you for a long time.

Desk Embosser

The Architect Desk Sealis designed to produce impressions with minimal effort. The Architect embosser offers a heavy-duty frame and precision parts for the finest impressions every time. An easy sliding lock mechanism makes for convenient handling and storage. The Architect Desk Seal has a reach of about 1-1/2" into a sheet of paper.

About ESS

ESS is a lead vendor for professional seals, including stamps for professional land surveyors, professional architects, and professional engineers. We are known for quick service and fast service at great prices. Our quality products are made in the USA, and typically processed and shipped within a one day.

Other Products we sell

We also offer a wide variety of other products for your office needs, including:

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We pride ourselves on quick shipping and great service on our stamp and seal products. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us or feel free to shop online.

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