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Arizona Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

  • 2 min read
Arizona Land Surveyor Seal

Land surveyors in Arizona are required to obtain a seal after receiving their licensing. Here you will find out what you need to know about the size, appearance and usage of your Arizona land surveyor seal to ensure you are in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. Failing to follow these requirements can result in citations and other punishments, so it is important that you understand exactly what your seal should look like, and how it should be used.

Size and Appearance

Arizona land surveyor seals must be 1-½” in diameter and meet specific appearance guidelines. The seal will feature two double circles: one larger around the outside with a smaller one inside. The space between the circles is reserved for the words “Registered Land Surveyor” along the top, and “Arizona U.S.A.” along the bottom. Inside the smaller circle, the words “Certificate No.” appear at the top, with “Date Signed” along the bottom. Between these words, in the center of the circle, your license number and name should appear in two straight lines.

Licensees can choose to purchase Arizona land surveyor seals that include the expiration date right under the seal, or they can use a traditional stamp and simply write in the expiration just below it.

Using an Arizona Land Surveyor Seal

Seals are required on a variety of documents related to land surveying. An Arizona land surveyor seal is required on every page of maps and drawings, or on each master sheet when the documents are compiled into a completed set. Projection specifications, change orders and addenda require a seal on the cover, index, table of contents or the title page, while supplemental maps or project drawings require an Arizona land surveyor seal on the cover page, first page or index page.

Surveyors who sign any document that is either prepared by them, or by someone they directly supervise, must also include the seal by the signature line. For documents that are compiled into a digital file that cannot be sealed, it must include: “Electronic copy of the final document, sealed original document is with [enter name and license number]”.

Each time an Arizona land surveyor seal is affixed to a document, whether it is a stamp, embossed or a digital image, it must include the licensee’s signature, the date and when licensing expires.

Important Considerations

It is important that those who use Arizona land surveyor seals understand exactly how to use them. However, it is also vitally important to know that each time the seal is used, it signifies that the information contained in the document meets all code requirements and has been verified to be accurate. This is especially important when using the Arizona land surveyor seal on documents that are prepared by employees under the surveyor’s direction, as the seal shows that you take full responsibility for the information contained in the document.

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