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Everything You Need to Know for a Legitimate Arizona Engineer Embosser Stamp

  • 2 min read
Arizona Engineer Seal Embossed

Engineers in the state of Arizona are required to seal professional documents with a stamp. Even if an engineer is registered in more than one branch, an engineer embosser stamp still needs to be used when sealing professional engineering documents. An Arizona engineer embosser stamp is required to be 1 and ½ inches in diameter. The seal must be made by a stamp and should have the title of the registrant. This title should be placed in the upper portion of the stamp, between the second and third circles. Appropriate titles, which depend on the position of the registrant, for the Arizona engineer embosser stamp are as follows:

  • Registered Architect
  • Registered Professional Engineer
  • Registered Geologist
  • Registered Landscape Architect
  • Registered Land Surveyor
  • Registered Assayer

Another inscription that is required to be on the Arizona engineer embosser stamp is “Arizona U.S.A.” This phrase should be located at the bottom of the stamp, between the second and third circles. Located inside of the Arizona engineer embosser stamp circle, it should have the registrant’s name as well as the license number. Furthermore, the phrase “date signed” must be in the inner circle as well. If the registrant so desires, the expiration date may be added to the stamp. The expiration date should be located underneath the seal if it is added.

Some special considerations for the Arizona engineer embosser stamp: it must be a rubber stamp. No other form of embosser or seals is accepted. The actual size of the Arizona engineer embosser stamp must be paid close attention to. Anything that deviates for 1 and ½ inches in diameter will not be accepted. The only time an embossing seal can be used is if it is in conjunction with the Arizona engineer embosser stamp.

The Arizona engineer embosser stamp can be purchased through the state or through any other vendor. Once the registrant receives the stamp, it has to be filed with the Board for records. The Board provides a form that needs to be completed and sent in within 10 days of receipt of the stamp. If for some reason the registrant does not complete the form within 10 days, the Board will disapprove of that seal. In addition, the Board will not accept a seal that does not meet the exact specifications listed above.

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