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Arizona PE Embossing Stamp for Engineers

In Arizona, every professional engineer is required to have a rubber stamp that he or she acquires at his or her own expense, in order to conform to the rules and requirements set forth by the state governing board.

In many states, engineers have the option of using a rubber stamp or a seal. In others, a seal is essential. Arizona is different from most states, in that the seal is option, but the rubber stamp is absolutely required.

The Requirements

The Arizona PE embossing stamp must be exactly an inch and a half in diameter. The upper portion of the stamp contains three circles. In the space between the second and third circles, you must include your professional designation – Registered Professional Engineer – along with the branch of engineering in which you are registered. At the bottom of the space between the second and third circles, “Arizona USA” appears. The inner circle contains the registrant’s name and number, and the words “date signed.”

You can include an embossing seal only if you’re using it in conjunction with the rubber stamp, and you can include an optional expiration date under the seal. All the other requirements are hard and fast, and absolutely MUST be included.

The Law

Now, having explained the Arizona PE embossing stamp, and having stated that the use of the stamp is required, we must qualify that by telling you that the Engineering Board in the State of Arizona can also, at its discretion, mandate the use of a seal in certain instances. These seals are prescribed for registrants that the Board deems required to use them. Any plans, reports, specifications or plats that you prepare will be issued under your seal if the Board requires you to use a seal. If your certificate has been revoked, or has expired, it is illegal for you to use the seal. Further, no non-registrant can use a registrant’s seal. If the Board requires you to use a seal, then any document that you or your employees prepare are entirely your responsibility.

You can order a an Arizona PE embossing stamp, or a seal, through any vendor that has been approved by the Board of Engineers for the State of Arizona, and once you receive it, you must file an imprint of that stamp with your original signature superimposed. If your stamp does not meet Board requirements, you will be required to acquire another stamp that does before you submit any work using your seal. If you are registered in more than one branch of engineering, you may be required to obtain a stamp for each branch.

Security Issues

Because your Arizona PE embossing stamp is your guarantee that the documents you file have been prepared by you, or under your direct supervision, it is vital that you keep the stamp in a safe location. If it is stolen or lost, you must immediately contact the Board so that you don’t incur liability because of the fraudulent misuse of your stamp or seal.

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