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Be Certain Your Nevada Land Surveyor Seal Meets All Requirements

  • 2 min read
Nevada Land Surveyor Seal

The perimeter of the Nevada land surveyor seal has a braid design to it. All the way around, the diameter of this seal has to be 1-11/16". In order to use your seal, you actually have to stamp it on plans, documents, etc. There are no exceptions for facsimiles of the Nevada land surveyor seal. You are only permitted to use the embosser if you also use an impression inker over the result.

No matter how you do it, the Nevada land surveyor seal you leave behind must make an impression that is both opaque and permanent on the paper. You also need to sign nearby the stamp once you’re done. This signature must be unique to you, such that others could distinguish it as such.

Nevada Land Surveyor Seal’s Appearance

Aside from what we just mentioned, your Nevada land surveyor seal needs to display your first and last name right in the center. Around that should be a dotted circle. Then between the circle and the braid that creates your seal’s perimeter, your stamp must say, “Professional Land Surveyor: State of Nevada” followed up by your license number. This number must be prefaced by “No.”

If you so choose, your Nevada land surveyor seal can also contain the date when your license expires.

Having Seals for More than One Discipline in Nevada

In some cases, you may have a Nevada land surveyor seal and a seal for another profession of yours. Perhaps you’re an engineer, for example. Some states offer one seal that embodies two different vocations depending on the occasion, but Nevada is not one of them. You’ll need separate stamps for both of your roles.

The only exception to this rule is for those who are licensed as a civil engineer and a structural engineer. There is a combined seal for them, but land surveyors must always have their own stamps.

In the end, the Nevada land surveyor seal is simple. Still, the details of how it appears and how it gets used determine whether or not your seal carries any weight or not, so be sure to look yours over carefully and only use one that has been officially issued by the board.

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