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The Requirements for the California Engineer Embosser's Seal

  • 2 min read
California Engineer Embosser's Seal

The California engineer embossers seal may be an electronic image, stamp, or seal. It is affixed to professional documents to ensure the engineers and their employees are following proper regulations. Furthermore, once the California engineer embossers seal is attached to a report, the engineer takes full responsibility for what is inside the report.

There are a few specifications and requirements when it comes to the California engineer embossers seal. Under Section 6764 of the Code, the minimum size is 1-½" in diameter, while the maximum size is 2" in diameter. The top border of the California engineer embossers seal must state professional engineer, registered professional engineer, or licensed professional engineer. In addition, abbreviation of the discipline must be used before the license number. These should be in accordance to the following:

  • C for Civil Engineering
  • E for Electrical Engineering
  • M for Mechanical Discipline
  • S for Structural Engineering

At the very bottom of the border of the seal, the words “State of California” must be present. The licensee’s name should be located in the center of the seal and must be the same as it appears on the certificate given by the Board. The license number, or certificate of authority, should be located in the center of the seal as well. The expiration date on the seal is optional and a blank line may also be used if the engineer so prefers.

The California engineer embossers seal must leave an opaque and permanent impression, a permanent ink representation, or an electronically generation representation on the documents it is affixed to. An electronic signature may be used on the documents.

In California, it is prohibited to preprint blank forms with the signature or seal already attacked to the documents. Furthermore, the use of decals for the California engineer embossers seal or the use of a rubber stamp for the signature is also prohibited.

According to the requirements of the Professional Engineers Act, all documents must be signed and sealed with the California engineer embossers seal so the work can be attributed to the licensee in charge. In the case of two licensees working on the same project, each must use their own California engineer embossers seal and place a note dictating which licensee is responsible for which part

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