Oklahoma Land Surveyor Seal

If you hope to have any type of career that will involve surveying land in Oklahoma, you definitely have a lot of boxes to check before you can begin. Then, of course, there are many more you’ll have to go through before you become a success. To that end, it may seem like your Oklahoma land surveyor seal is little more than a pesky nuisance standing in your way. However, if your Oklahoma land surveyor seal is anything other than perfect, you’re really just be making a lot more work for yourself in the future. Therefore, it’s worth reviewing the following to make sure your seal is 100% in compliance.

The Dimensions of Your Oklahoma Land Surveyor Seal

When it comes to your Oklahoma land surveyor seal, obviously, one of its most important features it how it looks. The first thing someone will notice if it’s not right is its size and shape. Your state’s seal has to be 1-3/4" in diameter and circular.

The Appearance of the Oklahoma Land Surveyor Seal

Next, let’s talk about what the Oklahoma land surveyor seal actually has on it in terms of aesthetics. There’s the outer perimeter for one. This has a distinct, braided look to it, called a “rope border.” Then, inside the seal, there is another circle. This one is offset by its dotted outline. It must measure 1-1/8"" in diameter. Between that circle and the border, the seal should read, “Licensed Professional Land Surveyor.” At the very bottom, it will say, “Oklahoma.”

Inside that inner circle, you should see your full name as it appeared on your application just above the center. Below that, your license number should be listed and offset with the prefix, “No.”

Using Your Oklahoma Land Surveyor Seal

The whole point of having your Oklahoma land surveyor seal is so that you can use it on various types of documents. For OK, you can use either an embosser or a rubber stamp. Either is fine, so long as the above demands are met by the seal.

As you can probably tell, the land surveyor seal for this state is fairly simple and easy to use. However, you still want to take the time to be certain yours is in compliance.

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