Oregon Land Surveyor Stamp

It takes a lot to start your own land surveying business or just get your license so you can work for another. Here in Oregon, the process is mercifully straightforward, but you still need to be careful with each step. This includes after you receive your Oregon land surveyor stamp. Far from simply being able to just get started working, you actually have to be careful to ensure your stamp complies with state laws. Take a moment now to review the following and be sure about yours.

The Dimensions of the Oregon Land Surveyor Stamp

Whereas the vast majority of land surveyor stamps are circular, Oregon’s is actually a square. That’s actually one of the most noticeable features of the Oregon land surveyor stamp. Still, even if yours is square in shape, you’ll want to check to be sure its measurements are 1-3/4" square as well. Otherwise, something is wrong with your stamp and it will be very noticeable the moment you begin using it.

Worth noting is that the state allows a tolerance of 1/4" for the size of your stamp.

The Appearance of the Oregon Land Surveyor Stamp

The other extremely important element of the Oregon land surveyor stamp you’ll want to look into right away is the actual wording it uses. Another distinction that separates this stamp from others is that there is no imagery on the stamp to speak of. It’s just typeface characters.

At the top of the Oregon land surveyor stamp is where it should say, “Registered Professional Land Surveyor.” Then, at the bottom, you should read, “Oregon.” Below that, “Date of Registration.” Under that is where your full name goes as it appeared on your application. Finally, the last line is reserved for your license number.

Between those two separate parts of the Oregon land surveyor stamp should be absolutely nothing: just a blank space a little smaller than one third of the entire thing.

While the Oregon land surveyor stamp doesn’t give you a whole lot to write home about, the details of this seal are extremely importance if you want to avoid unnecessary and potentially costly problems down the line.

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