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Choosing The Right Type of Personalized Stamp

  • 6 min read
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Do you need to send out a lot of mail? If so, you should consider using personalized stamps for these repetitive tasks to save time and money. They are a great way to add a touch of personality to your mail, and they can also help to increase your response rate. In this blog post, we will discuss the types of designs for your stamp, as well as how to order them. We will also provide some tips on how to use them effectively.

What Are Personalized Rubber Stamps And How Do They Work?

Personalized rubber stamps are stamps that feature a custom image rather than a standard design. Unlike regular stamps, which all feature the same basic design elements, custom stamps allow you to use an image of your own choosing. This could be anything from a simple logo or design to a more complex illustration or line artwork photographs.

To order a customized stamp, select the size, color, and quantity that you need. Then, you would upload an image that is to be used on the stamp. If you have the option of getting a pdf proof, it is a good idea to get one so you can review the stamp image before it is made. To use your personalized rubber stamp, simply apply it to the corner of your envelope or package in the spot where you would normally write out your address. The ink on your stamp may fade over time as it gets exposed to air and sunlight, but you can easily refresh it by adding more ink to the stamp So if you want a fun and unique way to send mail, personalized stamps are definitely worth considering!

Why Choose Personalised Rubber Stamps Over Address Labels Or Stickers?

Stamps are an essential part of modern life. We use them to seal letters and packages, and they help to add a personal touch to our correspondence. When it comes to choosing a stamp, there are many factors to consider, including cost, convenience, and personalization. However, custom stamps offer the best of both worlds. They are usually very affordable, and they can be easily customized to reflect your unique style. Plus, personalized custom stamps can be used for more than just sealing envelopes. They can also be used for making art, decorating gifts, or even creating your own unique stationery.

Types Of Designs You Can Create For Your Personalized Stamp

When you are ready to create your custom stamp, you will be surprised at the variety of design options available. You can choose a traditional round stamp or go for a more unique shape such as a heart or star. If you want to include a photo or image, there are many ways to customize your stamp to make it truly unique. For example, you could use a black-and-white line art photo for a vintage look. You can also choose the size of your stamp, from small to large, to help you make the perfect design for your needs. Whether you are looking for a simple way to add your name and address to letters or want to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art, there is a customized stamp design that is perfect for you.

Can You Make a Custom Stamp of Your Signature?

Signature stamps are available and great if you are signing a lot of important documents where which will help you save time. Signature stamps are available as self-inking stamps or pre-inked stamps.

What are the types of Custom Rubber Stamps?

Below are the three main types of customized rubber stamps that are available on the market.

Self Inking Custom Stamps

Self Inking Stamps are stamps in which the ink pad is built into the stamp. Self-inking custom stamps typically are good for about 5,000-10,000 impressions before the stamp needs to be reinked. All self-inking stamps are available in a wide variety of ink colors including black ink, blue ink, and red ink

Pre Inked Stamps

A pre-inked stamp will give you a clear impression and is considered a higher-end rubber stamp. Pre-Inked stamps are available in 5 classic ink colors and are good for a lot of impression counts.

Wood Handle Rubber Stamps

A wood handle stamp is a custom rubber stamp that uses a separate ink pad. These are great if you plan on stamping with any special type of ink such as a quick-drying ink or fabric ink.

How Much is a Personalized Rubber Stamp?

Rubber Stamps can vary in price depending upon several factors, size and mount type. Most address stamps range in the $15-$25 price point whereas other large rubber stamps can be up to $100 in cost. If you are considering purchasing a custom stamp you might also look for a coupon or any products that might be on sale.

Where To Order Your Own Custom Rubber Stamps?

Custom stamps can be purchased from many different sources, but ESS is one of the best. We offer a wide variety of different stamps and seals, including both electronic and custom rubber stamps, self-inking stamps, and pre-inked stamps. Our website is easy to navigate, the ordering process is simple, and our production time is about one business day. You simply order your stamp online, and you will receive your stamp within a few days. Whether you need a stamp for personal or business use, ESS is the place to order it.

Tips For Creating The Perfect Design For Your Stamp

When it comes to creating the perfect design for your stamp, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the purpose of the stamp. What message do you want to communicate? Once you have a clear idea of the purpose of the stamp, you can start to brainstorm ideas for the design. It can be helpful to look at other traditional rubber stamps for inspiration, keeping in mind that your design should be unique. Once you have a few ideas, it's time to start refining them. Consider the composition of the design and how different elements will work together. It's also important to think about the colors you will use, as well as the overall theme of the design. If you keep these things in mind, you'll be well on your way to creating the perfect design for your stamp.

The Different Types Of Stamp Designs That Are Available For Custom Rubber Stamps

When it comes to personalizing your stamps, the possibilities are nearly endless. Whether you want to add a simple border around your text or create a unique illustration, there's a design for you. Here are just a few of the different options that are available:

Simple Border

Adds a thin border around the edge of your stamp, perfect for adding a little extra flair to your correspondence.

Decorative Border

This option includes a thicker border with ornate designs, ideal for making a statement.

Custom Design / Illustration

Add a personal touch with a custom illustration. This could be anything from a pet portrait to a landscape scene.

Logos or Artwork

Have your company logo or artwork printed with your own design or graphics on your stamps for a professional look, these can be used on holiday cards.

Monogram or Initials

Add a monogram to your stamps for a touch of elegance, these make great uses for wedding invitations

With so many design options available, you're sure to find the perfect way to personalize your stamps.


Adding a custom stamp to your mailings is a great way to add a special touch. Not only are they unique and stylish, but they're also an easy way to let recipients know that the mail is from you. Whether you're looking for a simple border or want to design a custom illustration, there's a design for you. Keep these tips in mind when creating your own stamp design, and order your stamps today!

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