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As a registered landscape architect in Delaware, it’s essential to have a stamp or embossing seal to use on official documents. Either of these tools can be used to verify items like specifications, drawings, and plans related to your job.

Like other states, Delaware has specific requirements for the visual look of the seal. In addition, other requirements must be met to use a seal that the state accepts. Understanding the requirements of Delaware landscape architect seals will ensure you choose the right products for working with documents.

Delaware Landscape Architect Seal Requirements

Landscape architects in Delaware can use both embossing seals and stamps. Each of them must be 1-13/16 inches in size with two concentric circles. All seals must state “Registered” and include the prefix “No.” before the license number. The seal used by a landscape architect can be a stamp or seal with an inner circle that includes only the words “No.” and “State of Delaware.” The bottom of the seal should state “Registered Landscape Architect” when reading counterclockwise. The top should include the name of the registrant.

There are four things to be aware of when choosing a stamp or seal as a Delaware landscape architect.

These include the following:

  • Rubber stamps or embossing seals are suitable for use.
  • The license number must be preceded by “No.”
  • The size of the seal or stamp must be 1-13/16" inches in diameter.
  • Each seal must include the word “Registered.”

How To Contact the State Board

The Board of Landscape Architecture creates regulations on seals and stamps. The website offers information about licensure, meetings, service requests, and more. There are several ways to contact the board if you need information or have questions.

The mailing address is as follows:

Board of Landscape Architecture

Cannon Building

Suite 203

861 Silver Lake Blvd.

Dover, DE 19904


Delaware Landscape Architect Stamp Products

Instead of leaving you to search for seals and stamps that meet Delaware landscape architect seal rules, we have many options available. All of the products below meet the regulations set forth by the state board. In addition, these tools are made of high-quality materials and come in different sizes and shapes to meet your needs. Our landscape architect seals and stamps are state-board guaranteed. Each of them comes with a set of free electronic seals. In addition, we offer products designed for heavy use. In most cases, seals and stamps will ship out to your address within one to two days.

Slim Pre-Inked Stamp

If you need a small stamp for documents, the Slim Pre-Inked Stamp could be the right choice. It has a press and print functionality for quick and easy document marking. In addition, this stamp has an elegant design and is small enough to slip into a pocket or purse.

These stamps are available in several colors of ink. They are eco-friendly and made of 50% recycled materials.

State of Delaware Landscape Architect Self-Inking Stamp

Durability and comfort combine in the Self-Inking Stamp for Delaware landscape architects. The ink pads can be changed or re-inked to create nearly endless document impressions. The stamp that ships to you is available in 11 ink colors and makes around 5,000 impressions. We are sure there is an ink color to meet your needs. The stamp has a laser-engraved die to ensure clear and clean stamps every time.

Delaware Landscape Architect Wood Handle Rubber Stamp

Created with a traditional look and feel, the Regular Hand Rubber Stamp is great for office use. It meets all State of Delaware landscape architecture seal requirements and has a simple-to-use design. This is considered one of the top options for any professional who frequently needs to stamp on Mylar. These stamps do need a separate ink pad. You can add an ink pad and an extra bottle of ink to your order. This Delaware Landscape Architect stamp is made in the USA and utilizes a laser-engraved die for quality.

Delaware Landscape Architect MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamps

Looking to make a serious impression? Then you need the Premium MaxLight Pre-Inked State of Delaware Landscape Architectural Stamp. This top-of-the-line stamp comes backed by our state board guarantee, so you can be sure it's made to meet all the specifications set by the state. It also comes in 5 different ink colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. And because it works in a press-and-print manner, it's simple to use and requires an ink pad - meaning no more messy or noisy stamping! So make a statement with the Premium MaxLight Pre-Inked Delaware Landscape Architectural Stamp - it's the perfect way to show everyone that you mean business.

Handheld State of Delaware Landscape Architect Seal Embosser

The Handheld Seal Embosser is a hybrid model that can be used in or out of the office. It’s made using top materials and construction methods to create crisp and clean impressions on documents. The embosser has a 1 ½-inch reach into a sheet of paper. It also carries a full lifetime warranty on the embossing seal. You can also use this seal with foil stickers when sealing plans.

This is a truly portable model that includes a deluxe leatherette pouch to keep it in perfect shape.

Desk Seal Embosser

Another great choice for State of Delaware landscape architects is the Desk Delaware Landscape Architect Seal Embosser. Rather than being designed for hybrid or field use, this model is created specifically for use in an office. It has a 1 ½-inch reach into a sheet of paper and includes a sliding lock for easier handling and storage. This embosser also includes a two-year warranty. We also carry a line of foil stickers that can be used with a desk embosser. Like other seals and stamps we offer, this model includes e-seals in JPG, DXF, and TIFF formats.

About ESS

We make every type of professional seal for every state in the USA and even Canada. We stay up to date with state specifications. Create an account to receive email messages and special deals from ESS. Want to preview the computer image before your order is completed? We also offer a PDF proof so you can preview check out our web page for more product type information and view the price online. There is never a min quantity when you submit an order.

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