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Does Your Montana Land Surveyor Seal Meet All Requirements?

  • 2 min read
Montana Land Surveyor Seal

In the past, when you became a land surveyor in Montana, you would be issued the corresponding seal by the state government. That is no longer the case though. Instead, you’ll have to purchase your Montana land surveyor seal from a company that specializes in manufacturing them. Reading the following would be a good idea before placing your order. Even though they only cost about $25 and embosser seals can be as little as $45, you don’t want to waste your time and money for no reason.

Size of the Montana Land Surveyor Seal

The size of your Montana land surveyor seal should be 1-5/8" in diameter, if you decided to opt for either the embossing seal or the rubber stamp version. If you decided on the pocket seal, it should still be 1-5/8". Desk seals must be 2".

Montana Land Surveyor Seal and the Licensee’s Name

The Montana land surveyor seal must display the name of the licensee. Their license number and some version of the following must also be visible:

  • Licensed Professional Engineer
  • Licensed Professional Land Surveyor
  • Licensed Professional Engineer and Professional Land Surveyor

If necessary, the seal’s size can be reduced in size down to half.

Using Facsimiles

Even after a licensee has received their Montana land surveyor seal, they may, at times, want to use a facsimile in order to prepare documents. This is only allowed, though, if it happens under the supervision of a licensee. As required, however, the licensee must provide a legible signature to all final original drawings with either the seal or an electronic reproducible facsimile.

Signature Qualifications

In order to qualify, the signature you provide with your Montana land surveyor seal must be an original and done manually. The only exception is if it’s a digital signature which has been authenticated electronically.

Your signature must be unique to you and capable of verification. Digital signatures must be under your sole control in order to qualify and linked to a document in such a way that it would be invalidated if anything about it was changed after the seal had been applied.

As you can see, the integrity of your Montana land surveyor seal is an important issue, but one that is also pretty straightforward.

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