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Essential Information Regarding the Delaware Engineer Embossing Stamp

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Delaware Engineer Embossing Stamp

Every person who is a licensed engineer in the state of Delaware needs to obtain a Delaware engineer embossing stamp. Normally, the stamp is bought after the license has been obtained by the engineer. The design has been set and authorized by the Council, and all seals and stamps needs to meet these specific requirements. An electronic seal, rubber stamp, or embossing seal are all possible options that can be used when sealing professional engineering documents.

The diameter of the Delaware engineer embossing stamp needs to be 1-5/8". On the seal, it should contain the licensee’s name, the license number, and the legend that says “professional engineer.” Furthermore, no “D” should be present on the license, nor should the word “licensed” be on the seal.

If the licensee does not inform the Council that the Delaware engineer embossing stamp has been acquired, the licensee will be put in “delinquent status” by the Council. This must be completed within six months of approval of the application.

Documents, which include final drawings and specifications, need to have the Delaware engineer embossing stamp on them when issued or filed for public record. The document should be dated, as well as signed, by the licensee who approved, or prepared, the reports. If the original documents are sealed, the date of the sealing must be visible under the signature.

If the person has a temporary permit, they are allowed to use the Delaware engineer embossing stamp as designated by the Council on their individual permit. They can seal final documents, specifications, and drawings with their particular seal. The person with the temporary permit must write their permit number along with their signature adjacent to the seal.

When searching online for a Delaware engineer embossing stamp, be sure the vendor meets the state of Delaware’s required specifications. A reputable vendor will have measurements listed, along with a picture of the seal itself. In addition, the Delaware engineer embossing stamp is available in a variety of different sizes and models. Most are designed to emboss standard paper as well as 20 to 30 pound paper. Another important thing to remember when buying an embossing stamp is to make sure the seal is facing the correct way.

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