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Illinois Professional Engineer Embossers and Stamps

If you are working as a professional engineer in the state of Illinois, then you are required to have an embossed seal or stamp that conforms to the rules of the licensing board in the state. In Illinois, the regulations are considerably more relaxed when it comes to the shape and design of the stamp or embosser than they are in many other states, but there are still things you’ll need to know in order to be compliant.

About Illinois Professional Embossers and Stamps

Some states require the use of an embosser whether or not you use a stamp. Some states permit CAD stamps while others don’t. In some states, the dimensions of the seal or stamp are etched in stone. In Illinois, you have a lot of flexibility.

In Illinois, you can use an embossing seal or a rubber stamp, and the size or shape are up to you. The usual shape is circular, and the size is usually about 1.6" in diameter, but this isn’t mandated by law. Illinois professional engineer embossers or stamps can be any size or shape, as long as they’re reproducible, and contain your name and license number and the phrase “Licensed Professional Engineer of Illinois.”

The embosser or stamp can, in short, be any shape or size. You can even use an electronic seal, generated by your computer. When it comes to your seal or stamp, the main requirement is simply that you have to have one.

Your Responsibilities

Don’t think that just because you have a lot of leeway when it comes to the design of your seal or stamp your responsibilities will be any less than they are in any other state. You are responsible for that seal and what it represents. Whether you are using Illinois professional engineer embossers, rubber stamps, computer generated signatures, or any other method approved by the state of Illinois, doing so means that you are stating that the work submitted has been either prepared by you, or under your direct personal supervision, and that you have prepared that work in accordance with accepted engineering standards. It further warrants that the work has been both prepared and done using accepted due diligence.

You may not affix your seal to anything that violates accepted standards, and you may not affix it to any documents if doing so conceals the true identity of the person who prepared or supervised the work. If you do, you can be held liable for any damage that may result

The Importance of Securing Your Seal

What happens if work is submitted under your seal, and you didn’t actually sign and seal the work yourself? As we’ve stated, you could be liable for any harm that results. However, if your seal has been stolen, or misused by someone you thought you could trust, you won’t be held liable provided that you immediately report the loss, theft or misuse of your seal.

Of course to avoid having such a thing happen, you should keep your seal in a secure location and make sure that you’re the only person who has access to it. And if something does go wrong, report it to the Board immediately.


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