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Important Considerations for Your Kansas Land Surveyor Seal

  • 2 min read
Kansas Land Surveyor Seal

If you are licensed in Kansas, land surveyor seals are required on all official documents you submit. Before you order a seal and begin using it, it is in your best interests to make sure you understand how the seal should look, and how you are expected to use it to make sure you don’t have to deal with any punishments or fines.

Seal Appearance

The Kansas land surveyor seal has specific design guidelines that must be followed in order for it to fit within the board requirements. These include:

  • An outer circle that measures 1-5/8” in diameter
  • An inner circle measuring 1-1/16” in diameter
  • Your name as it appears on your registration documents along the top arc in the space between the circles
  • The words “Professional Land Surveyor” in the space along the bottom arc
  • The word “Licensed” along the top edge in the center circle
  • “Kansas” along the bottom edge of the inner circle
  • Your license number centered in the remaining space inside the inner circle

Licensees can use a rubber stamp, embosser or digitally generated image of their Kansas land surveyor seal providing that it meets these appearance guidelines.

Digital Images

Digital facsimiles of your seal are permitted and can be created using most CAD programs. The seal needs to be constructed so that it matches the guidelines for other seal types before being saved. The Board does recommend that you save your computer-generated Kansas land surveyor seal in a GIF format. After that, use a photo editing software to make the image transparent, which will make sure that it shows up appropriately on pages of all colors, rather than only white ones.

What Your Kansas Land Surveyor Seal Means

When you use your Kansas land surveyor seal, it signifies that you either created the reports or documents or that someone did so under your direct supervision. Additionally, the seal shows that you have verified the contents of the documents and that they are correct and meet all requirements. When your stamp is applied to surveying documents, it also indicates that you take full responsibility for the information that they contain, which ultimately means that you are liable for any damages that result from incorrect information.

In addition to implying responsibility, using your Kansas land surveyor seal also shows that you are licensed to do so. If your license is expired, or it has been suspended or revoked, you will face significant consequences and fines for using your seal. You can also face suspension or revocation of your Kansas land surveyor seal if it becomes known that you are using it on documents that you did not participate in or oversee.

Obtaining a Kansas land surveyor seal comes with responsibilities. Make sure you understand them and the regulations to protect yourself and your professional reputation.

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