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Important Information About Your Missouri Land Surveyor Stamp

When you finally achieve licensing for surveying in Missouri, you will be required to purchase a seal. There are several rules pertaining to both the appearance and use of your Missouri land surveyor stamp, and failing to follow them can have serious consequences. Here, you will find the most important information that you need to know about your stamp so you can avoid them.


Your Missouri land surveyor stamp must be 1-¾” in diameter and feature two concentric circles – the outermost of which contains the entire stamp. The second circle is smaller and provides space for information between the circles and within it.

The space between the two circles must contain the words “State of Missouri” at the top and “Professional Land Surveyor” at the bottom. Inside the smaller circle, your name is included on one line, followed by the word “Number”. The final line contains the prefix “PLS” and your license number.

You are permitted to use a Missouri land surveyor stamp that is an embossing seal or you can use an inked rubber stamp. A digital image is also acceptable, providing that it is identical to the stamp or embosser. Additionally, when using a digital facsimile, you must use your personal electronic signature of which you have complete control. You will also need to make sure that you use software that will automatically delete the signature when using a Missouri land surveyor stamp in a digital format if any changes are made to the original document. If you send any documents without a signature or through an authentication process, you will need to include the statement: “This media should not be considered a certified document”.

Missouri Land Surveyor Stamp Usage Requirements

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about using your Missouri land surveyor stamp is that it denotes that you have verified and approved all of the information in the drawing, survey, plat or other document. This certification also signifies that you assume full responsibility for the information, and accept liability for any damages or issues that may arise.

Due to the importance of your Missouri land surveyor stamp, you are only permitted to apply it to documents that you create or that are prepared under your immediate supervision. Before affixing it, make sure you have thoroughly verified all facts and figures to protect yourself and your licensing.

You are not permitted to include your Missouri land surveyor stamp on any documents that are prepared by someone else that is not an employee under your control. Doing so could result in severe penalties, including complete revocation of your licensing.

Familiarizing yourself with the rules and regulations concerning the use of a Missouri land surveyor stamp is an important first step in your career. Doing so will ensure you remain in compliance and in good standing in your field.

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