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Investing in a North Dakota Seal

The purpose of the North Dakota engineer’s embossers is to distinguish the mark of professionals and to easily identify all work which is prepared by the professional seal holder, or prepared by someone under direct supervision of the professional seal holder. The seal functions such that it notifies the recipient of any documentation that the opinions, designs, or judgments contained therein were provided by a professional engineer and that these opinions, designs, or judgments were held to the highest standards of professional knowledge, ethical conduct, and skill. This guarantee is an official mark of certification, a visible commitment to the state wide professional practice standards.

No matter where you are opting to practice, as a licensed engineer in this state you are required to invest in North Dakota engineer’s embossers over which you must maintain control at all times. While those who are acting under your supervision are allowed to use it if you deem it appropriate, no one has the right to use it aside from yourself, not even an employer who was fiscally responsible for its original purchase. It is imperative that as a licensed engineer you maintain complete personal control over the North Dakota engineer’s embossers at all times to prevent unauthorized use.

Adherence to State Standards

Professional engineer embossing seals are custom made to adhere to the state requirements of the state in which you operate. They provide the perfect touch to any official document and leave a clear impression for any office.

What Will It Look Like?

North Dakota engineer’s embossers and seals can come in the form of a rubber stamp or embossing seal, both of which must range in size between 1½" and 1-5/8" in diameter. This North Dakota engineer’s embossers is authorized by the state board of registration for land surveyors and for professional engineers alike. The board of registration authorizes the electronic, rubber stamp, and crimp type seals. The seals that are crafted after 2005 have two concentric circles and the diameter of the outside circle is 1¾" while the inner circle is 1-¼".

The upper part between the two circles is where the phrase of “registered professional engineer” and/or “land surveyor”. Placed at the bottom of the annular space located in between the two circles is the state name inscribed. Additionally, the inner circle is where the name of the registrant, the registration number, and the date are located. The registration number is aligned centrally in the inner area and the print sizing for the name and registration name are equal on the North Dakota engineer’s embossers.

What Products Can I Select?

The North Dakota engineer’s embossers come in many varieties. There are the traditional North Dakota engineer’s embossers available via soft seal embossers, long reach seal embossers, extended long reach seal embossers, handheld seal embossers, or desk seal embossers. The state also has stamps available for professional use which come in the form of pre-inked stamps, self-inking stamps, and other solutions.

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Professional Engineer Soft Seal Embosser
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Professional Engineer Slim Pre-Inked Rubber Stamp of Seal
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