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Have you ever wondered what that embossed, gold seal is on documents? Or perhaps you have seen a notary public in action and wondered what they do? That Notary Seal signifies that the document has been notarized by a notary public.

A notary public is a highly trusted individual, typically employed by a lending institution, who witnesses the signing of important documents and verifies the identity of the signer. To become a notary public, one must first pass a background check and exam.

Notaries are typically bonded, meaning that they have purchased an insurance policy that protects them against any financial loss incurred as a result of fraudulent or dishonest actions. The notary seal serves as proof that the document has been properly witnessed and verified, providing an extra level of security.

So next time you see a notary seal, you'll know exactly what it means!

What Is A Notary Seal?

A notary seal is a physical stamp or embossed certificate that serves as an official mark of a notary public. Notaries are required to have a seal by law to perform certain kinds of notarizations, such as affidavits.

While seals are no longer required for all types of notarizations, they can help deter fraud and ensure that documents are properly notarized. Seals also provide a way for the public to easily identify a notary's signature on a document.

Notary seals typically contain the following information:

  • The state in which the notary is commissioned
  • The notary's commission number
  • The expiration date of the notary's commission

Notary seals can be purchased from a variety of vendors, both online and offline.

How Do I Use A Notary Seal?

If you are a notary public, you are required by law to have a notary seal. This is to ensure that your documents and Notarizations are properly authenticated.

There are two types of notary seals: the embossed seal and the ink stamp seal.

The embossed seal is a raised seal that is pressed into the wet ink. This creates a raised impression of your notary information on the document.

The ink stamp seal is a pre-inked stamp that contains your notary information. This is simply stamped onto the document.

To use either type of seal, simply press or stamp it onto the document you are Notarizing. Make sure that the document is signed by you and the person receiving the Notarization before you affix your seal.

If you do not know where to shop for notary stamps, you can purchase one from a Notary supply company or make your own.

What Is A Notary Public?

A notary public is a person who is authorized by the state to witness signatures, take acknowledgments and administer oaths. In some states, a notary public may also be authorized to perform marriage ceremonies.

Notaries are typically appointed by the secretary of state, and their commission expires on a certain date or after a set period.

Notaries are required to take an oath of office, and in some states, they must also post a bond.

Most notaries are required to keep a journal of their notarial acts, and they may be asked to provide proof of their commission if called upon to do so.

Notary embosser services are typically provided free of charge, but there may be a fee for more specialized notary embossers service such as taking an acknowledgment or administering an oath.

What Is the Purpose of The Notary Seal?

The notary seal is a way of authenticating documents. It is usually embossed with the notary's name, commission number, and expiration date. The notarized document official uses the seal to validate the document by signing and dating it.

The notary seal is an important part of the notary process because it helps to ensure that the document /notary journals are legitimate and have been signed by qualified notarial duties.

How to Use A Notary Seal?

Notary seals are an important part of the notary public's job. Notary seals are used to authenticate the notary's signature on documents. Seals may be embossed or inked stamps.

They must be kept clean and legible. When a notary changes their name, address, or commission expiration date, they must order new seals with the updated information.

Notary seals must be affixed to documents in a way that they cannot be removed without damaging the document. Many notaries use a self-inking stamp because it is quick and easy to use. Others may prefer an embosser, which requires a separate ink pad.

Notary seals should be used on all documents that the notary signs. This includes certificates, acknowledgments, jurats, and protests.

Why Is It Important to Have A Notary Seal on Documents?

A notary seal is a very important part of a notary's work. It is a way of verifying that a document is authentic and has been signed by a notary. This helps to prevent fraud and ensure that documents are valid.

There are many different types of notary seals, but they all serve the same purpose. The most common type of notary seal is the embossed seal. This is a raised seal that is made by pressing a metal stamp into hot wax. The wax hardens and dries, leaving an impression of the notary's name and title.

Another type of notary seal is the electronic seal. This is a digital image of the notary's seal that is placed on a document. This type of seal is becoming more common as more documents are being created electronically.

They help to prevent fraud and ensure that documents are valid. If you are going to be working with notary public stamps, make sure you understand the different types of seals and how they are used.

While it may not be mandated by law, getting a notary seal is an important part of the notarization process. It helps to add an extra layer of security and authenticity to the document. Notary seals can be purchased at most office supply stores. Be sure to get one that is the correct size for your needs.

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