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Proper Use of a Massachusetts Land Surveyor Stamp

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Massachusetts Land Surveyor Stamp

From the proper size and appearance to the specific guidelines that must be followed, it is important to understand all of them to ensure you use your Massachusetts land surveyor stamp properly. Here you will find out more about how your stamp should look and how it should be used in a professional capacity.

Massachusetts Land Surveyor Seal Requirements

The Massachusetts land surveyor stamp must be 1-½” for the outside diameter. While the seal is similar to other states in the overall appearance, the main difference is the requirement that it must have a serrated edge rather than a flat or smooth one. Inside the serrated edge, the Massachusetts land surveyor stamp should have two circles – a larger one and a smaller one. The space between the circles at the top of the stamp should contain the words “Commonwealth of Massachusetts” and the bottom space should include “Professional Land Surveyor”. Centered within the smaller circle are the surveyor’s name on one line and the letters “No.” followed by the license number on the second line. Along the bottom arc of the smaller circle, the Massachusetts land surveyor stamp should include the word “Registered”.

Proper Use of Professional Land Surveyors

It is vitally important that land surveyors understand the proper use of their Massachusetts land surveyor stamp. The most important consideration is the fact that any time you use your seal on official documents, you are assuming complete responsibility for the information it contains. For this reason, you are only permitted to affix your Massachusetts land surveyor stamp to reports, plats, surveys, specifications, and other documents that you prepare. You can also use your seal on documents that are created by regular employees that are directly under your supervision.

Whenever you add your stamp, signature, and date to a document, you should verify that all of the information is correct and meets all applicable codes and requirements. This will help protect you from penalties, which can include significant fines, suspension, or revocation of your land surveyor license.

Could I be penalized for improper use of my land surveying seal?

You can also be penalized if you use a Massachusetts land surveyor stamp on any document that you do not create, or take part in creating. This is viewed as attempting to hide the identity of the actual person creating the documents and reports, which is considered unlawful.

As you can see, there are specific guidelines that must be followed when using a Massachusetts land surveyor stamp. Making sure you understand these requirements will ensure that you remain in compliance throughout your surveying career. If you would like additional information about Massachusetts land surveyor stamps and other regulations, the Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation website is an excellent source. Make sure to check back frequently to make sure you don’t miss any changes in Massachusetts land surveyor seal rules and regulations that could affect their use.

Massachusetts Land Surveyor Stamp Options

Land Surveyors have a variety of options to choose from. You will want to make sure you have your license number and your name just as it is shown on your registered professional land surveyor form you have from the board. Below is a little more information about the differences between regular rubber stamps, self-inking stamps, and pre-inked professional seals.

Rubber Stamp

Our Massachusetts Land Surveyor rubber stampsare the most economical way to purchase a hand stamper. The regular wooden handle stamps need to be used with a separate ink pad. You can easily switch out the stamp pads to create different color combinations. The Massachusetts Land Surveyor stamp is a good choice when you need to use industrial inks for stamping on mylar. Mylar is a difficult surface to stamp on, but with the right supplies, it can be done easily and professionally. Massachusetts Land Surveyor stamps are the perfect tool for the job.

Self Inking Stamp

Don't want to mess with a separate ink pad? The Massachusetts Land Surveyor self-inking stamp is made to state specifications and is available in 11 ink colors. A self-inking stamp works in a simple press and print manner plus they are reinkable where you can fill the stamp up with more ink when they start running low. The Massachusetts Land Surveyor stamp is excellent for repetitive stamping and can make up to 5,000 impressions before re-inking. The internal ink pad can be re-inked or replaced. Finally, a self-inking professional seal is known for its smooth action printing. You cannot go wrong with one of these.

Maxlight Pre-Inked Land Surveying Stamps

The Massachusetts Land Surveyor stamp is a high-quality, professional-grade stamp that is simple to use and comes in 5 ink colors. The die plate absorbs ink, so there is no ink pad to replace, and the stamping is quiet and clean. The Massachusetts Land Surveyor stamp is backed by our state board guarantee and comes in a press-in-print manner. It is made to state specifications from the board.

Can I use an Eseal as a Professional Land Surveyor?

The Massachusetts Land Surveyor stamp is a high-quality computer-generated image that comes backed by our state board guarantee. This product is made to specifications from the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Land Surveyors and is perfect for electronic sealing. The default color is black but additional colors are available in red, blue, or green. This product is 300 dpi resolution and files are emailed. If you need a digital signature encryption key or an electronic authentication process or a properly encrypted digital signature, we do have a partnership with Identrust and they can apply that to your eseal. If you need a Massachusetts Land Surveyor digitized seal stamp, look no further! This is the perfect product for you.

Cast Iron Seals for Land Surveyors

The Massachusetts Land Surveyor Cast Seal is a heavy-duty embossed stamp that produces high-quality impressions with minimal effort. It has a reach of 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" on the sheet of paper, making it ideal for use with documents and other important papers. The registrant's seal comes with a two-year warranty and is guaranteed to meet the specifications of the Massachusetts Board. Order your Massachusetts Land Surveyor Seal today!

Hybrid Registered Professional Land Surveyor Seal

The Hybrid Massachusetts Land Surveyor Seal is a new product that offers the portability of a pocket embosser with the ease of embossing of a desk model. The Massachusetts Land Surveyor embossed seal features a clear indication when the impression is made properly, as you will hear it "CLICK" and positioning marks will help you with perfect impression alignment. The Massachusetts Land Surveyor Seal also offers a heavy-duty frame and precision parts for the finest impressions every time. Each professional seal is made to your board's specifications.

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