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Proper Layout and Usage of Louisiana Land Surveyor Seals

  • 4 min read
Louisiana Land Surveyor Seals

If you are a newly licensed land surveyor in Louisiana, a seal is a requirement. While there are numerous vendors available, it is important that you make sure the one you choose provides a stamp or embossing seal that meets all of the requirements set forth by the Louisiana Land Surveying Board. Here you will gain a better understanding of what your seal needs to look like and your responsibilities when using it.

Louisiana Land Surveyor Seal Requirements Appearance Matters

Your Louisiana professional land surveyor seal must meet the design requirements provided by the State. Unlike other states that require a specific size, Louisiana only requires that the surveyor stamp be either 1-5/8” or 2” in diameter. In most cases, the 1-5/8” option is the most common choice. It is also acceptable for users to have both a smaller pocket seal that is 1-5/8” and a 2” desk seal.

Louisiana land surveyor seals also differ from other states in the layout of their stamps. Seals only require a single circle with all of the information contained within it. The words “State of Louisiana” appears in an arc at the top of the seal (inside the circle), with the words “Professiona Land Surveyor” along the bottom arc. Directly under the words at the top of the Louisiana land surveyor seal, the state bird, which is the pelican, is centered. Right below that is the licensee's name. The next line includes the words “License No.” followed by the numbers.

Professional Land Surveyor Seal Options

Louisiana land surveyor seals are acceptable in a few different options. Both embossed seals, which imprint or raise the stamp into the paper, and rubber ink stamps are permitted. Additionally, surveyors can use digital or computer-generated seals providing they are exact replicas of the physical seal. Let's explore some of these options to see which type of surveyor stamp will be the best for you.

Self-Inking Surveyor Stamps

Louisiana State law requires that all land surveys be finished by a licensed surveyor and that the surveyor stamps their seal on the survey. The purpose of the seal is to certify that the survey was completed by a licensed professional and that it meets all state requirements.

There are many different types of self-inking stamps available, but not all of them meet the Louisiana Land Surveyor Board specifications. You can be confident that our stamps do meet those specifications because our seals are backed by our state guarantee. Plus, you will receive free Louisiana Land Surveyor eseals with each purchase.

We guarantee that your self-inking stamp will leave a clear, precise impression each and every time. And if you ever need to replace the ink or pad, we offer easy-to-follow instructions so you can do it yourself quickly and easily.

Slim Surveyor Stamps

A Louisiana Land Surveyor stamp is a pre-inked, portable stamp that creates crisp impressions. It fits in a back pocket or briefcase which is perfect for the surveyor on the go. It also can be used for thousands of impressions before needing to be reinked. The Louisiana Land Surveyor stamp is made to specifications and comes with free eseals that are typically sent within a business day. This stamp is an essential tool for any Louisiana land surveyor.

Louisiana Professional Desk Embossers

If you are a Louisiana land surveyor, then you know that you are required by law to have a seal. Embossers are designed to leave a raised impression. This embosser must be made to state specifications and must be used on all documents that you sign as a surveyor. You also know that you have several options to choose from when it comes to which type of embosser you can order. Desk embossers are a popular choice and guaranteed to meet state specifications.

A land surveyor desk embosser is an easy way to make sure that you are in compliance with the law. The desk seal is eligible for free e-seals which allow you to digitally stamp and sent email messages to you soon after checkout. The desk seal is easier to press and can sit on a desk which allows you to use your arm strength versus hand strength. It is also small enough to fit in a briefcase. This is a convenient way to keep your stamp with you at all times so that you can use it whenever you need to sign a document.

Using Your Louisiana Land Surveyor Stamps

Once you obtain a Louisiana land surveyor stamp, it is important that you make sure you use it properly. Affixing your seal to any report, plat, specification, survey or other official document signifies that you were responsible for the information it contains. You can also use your seal on documents that are generated under your supervision by your employees. Whether you or another person created the documents, your Louisiana Professional Surveyor Stamp indicates that you have verified all of the information and found it to be correct and in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations.

Another important consideration when using your Louisiana land surveyor seal is that you become responsible for the information. This means that it is vital that you ensure the correctness of it, as you will be held responsible for any issues or problems that arise from the use of the documents.

While achieving your license is an exciting time, your Louisiana land surveyor seal includes much responsibility. Make sure you understand the requirements completely before you begin using it.

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